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Rock n Roll, YEAH!!! on 1 month binge-free! That's quite an accomplishment and you should be very pleased with yourself!

I agree that you didn't "binge" earlier this week! Your body was starving and you ate enough to fill that need. Even if it was more than you'd typically eat at one sitting, it wasn't more than you'd typically have eaten for the day. You also seemed to be in control of it... which matters a lot in the "was this a binge" debate.

I know that when I binge, I almost feel as if I HAVE to finish the bag/box of whatever I'm eating and can not stop even if I have realized that it's making me feel ill and overfilled. In my opinion, it's the element of being out of control that constitutes a binge, and what you did wasn't.

Megan, I'm sorry that you were so ill! I hope that you're feeling much better now! It's awful to be sick and unable to eat your comforting foods, isn't it? But you're doing so great to be on track and in control and I know that you'll only get better!

Elizabeth, it's good to see you again! I've been missing your cheery posts! (Though I was MIA for most of this week also!) I agree that Atkins seems to cut down on cravings and appetite. Although I really miss breads, I keep reminding myself that my health is more important than the carbs. Way to go!

Shihtzu, way to go on coming here for emotional support when the temptation monster comes around! I hope to see you around more and hope that it gets easier!

Magnoliafan, one of the most important things to successful dieting (I believe) is recognizing what will and what won't work for you! I think that it's a good thing that you've realized that you need a plan that will work for you long-term, and not just one that will work for a short while. I wish you luck and hope that you have lots of fun at the party tonight!

I've been binge-free since January 6!!! The Atkins plan has really helped me to control my need for sweets and carbs, or else I'd never have made it this far. I don't think that I managed past 6 days before. I'm very thrilled to have made it 3 weeks!

I hope that you all have wonderful weeks!

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Default Hi! Newby who could use support.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a thread on bingeing. I was just writing a post about my dirty little secret of bingeing last night while my husband was away and how awful I feel. Today is a new day and I'm going to take the 1 week challenge. Baby steps, right? I have the hardest time when I'm alone...and stressed out. I just want to be good to myself and have integrity in doing the right thing.

Thanks for letting me join in
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I made it thru yesterday ....and today is a brand new day.
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