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Default Fast Food

I think I've heard somewhere that fastfood is actually addictive. . . is this true? I can feel myself absolutely CRAVING McDonald's right now!!!!
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It's not neccessarily the fast food itself that's addictive: it's the extremeley high content of fat that makes it addicting. The more fat you feed your body, the more it craves it (I used to know the paticular physiology of this, but I forgot it -- I think it has to do something with the chemicals in the brain). I experienced this first hand -- because (before the start of my journey), I would literally eat Mcdonald's at least 5 times a week (and sometimes more than once a day). And I CRAVED it. I felt like I needed it. But, once my lifestyle change settled in, and after those first few rough days, it was out of my system and the cravings altogether disappeared.

So, my advice to you is to not give into the craving -- because they WILL go away completely if you stop feeding your body the excessive fat it likes so very much.

Good luck!!
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i use to swear that there was something in the fries but i am sure it is the fat.
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I read the book by Morgan Spurrlock (the guy who did the Supersize Me movie) and he said he felt the same way. Before he went on his all McDonald's diet he never wanted it. Once he started it he felt like he needed to have it all the time. Even after he just finished eating it, he wanted more. He always felt like garbage after he ate it, yet he always wanted more. I agree, this is definitely caused by the fat, but it's also caused by the High Fructose Corn Syrup. Your body doesn't metabolize it the same way as regular sugar. If forces your liver to kick out more fat in your bloodstream. This causes your body to want more while storing more fat as well. HFCS is in almost everything at McDonalds. Even the english muffins! I agree with HarpoChicoGroucho, just resist the craving and soon enough you won't want McDonalds at all!
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If they use MSG, that could be part of it. I know Taco Bell uses MSG. It is a flavor enhancer which also stimulates the appetite to cause you to want more of whatever it is in.
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I used to eat McDonald's 7-10 times a week! And usually supersized, with burgers. And yeah, it made me feel crummy, but I'd still crave it.

I'm not sure if cravings vary from person to person, but of the many cravings I have -- fast food, sugar, chocolate, and carbs in general primary amongst them -- the fast food was the easiest craving for me to get over. I forget how long it took. Maybe a month or two. I'd eat it once a week, then now it's maybe once a month, primarily for the fries. Once I stopped eating it, for me at least, it was pretty easy to get over. I never thought I'd pass by and go "you know, I really don't feel like having that for lunch today" but it's true! I did.

If only I had the same luck with chocolate, candy, and carbs. Those are still a constant struggle for me.
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It must have something - I was all set, salad and fruit for lunch, had to run out to the bank which is right next to Mcdonalds.....I went straight to the drive thru after the bank.......uGGGHHHH I am so diappointed in myself.

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i think if i didn't smell it too as passing by it would be easier. in my town they have mcdonalds on one side and burger king on the other and they bothsmell much better than they taste.
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