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Default Just curious...

What is the absolute maximum number of weeks you can stay on induction? I mean result, and healthwise. If you stay on too long will it mess up your weightloss later on in the program? How long have most of you done it? Has your weightloss been greater when you stay in induction longer, or shorter? Sorry so many questions!!

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The book says that it doesn't really matter how long you stay on it, that several of his patients stayed for months with no ill effects. Some people can't go over 25-30 carbs anyway due to their personal resistance. He sets the plan at two weeks for several reasons, one being so that you don't get bored with it and you can add a little variety, and another that you have to progress through the steps of the plan to learn what suits your body and train yourself to do it for the long haul. You WILL lose weight faster by staying on induction, so it's basically what your plan is about, how your body and tastes tolerate it, and that you still feel healthy and aren't depriving yourself of certain nutrients.
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I stayed pretty much on induction for 3 years. After the first 3 or 4 months, I did start using Atkins brand products and some of the other low-carb stuff on the market. Very occasionally I would eat fruit.

Now I've added in fruit and nuts sooner than I did before.

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I stayed on induction for 4 months and even now eat only 20-25 carbs. This is the only way I can continue to lose weight. Looking at probably only 30 carbs daily while on maintenance. It could be due to some of the meds I take, but I can live with however many carbs it takes to maintain. After 10 months, this way of eating is completlely natural for me.


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Hi I know this is an older post,but I stayed on induction last time about 6 weeks. This time only 2 weeks. It depends on your metabolism. I don't think there is a set time that you have to be off it. Judy
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If you have a lot of weight to lose it says you can stay on it for quite a while. But remember, this is also about learning to eat healthier and make better choices. So it wants you to move to OWL so that you can add more foods but still lose weight. And remember not to stay on induction so long that you get bored & frustrated and then blow it and eat junk.

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Basically, I've stayed at Induction level (20-25) carbs since I started Atkins over 2 years ago. My meals consist mainly of eggs, salad, veggies, meat, fish, poultry & of course, plenty of water. I did find that even though cheese is allowed on Induction, I had to limit my intake as I have a problem with portion control
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