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Cool How much protein?

I am trying Atkins this week. I am counting all the carbs, but I don't know if I should count the protein. I feel stuffed up after eating. Also, how do you deal with cheating? Sometimes I put a candy or 2 in my mouth.
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Don't cheat is how to deal with cheating. Why do you even have candy available? Get rid of everything you shouldn't be eating. Everytime you do, you put off reaching your goal weight a little longer. Why are you eating until stuffed? You should be stopping at satisfied, not full or stuffed. You certainly won't lose if you eat more calories than you burn whether you are doing Atkins or some other plan. Good luck with your effort.
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Bambina: Well, try to slow down on eating....and don't eat until you're stuffed. If you cheat...just do your best NOT to again. Or eat "legal" cheats. But not ALL the time. Sometimes you just GOTTA do it though...but then jump right back OP!
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