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Baby Steps
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Default Thursdsay Chat 4/7

Hey everyone--how're you doing? I stepped on the scale (I know, said I wasn't going to do that....but I can't resist that scale) and I'm back into the 140's (yah, HIGH 140's but better than it was getting again!!). YEAH!!!!! So now I've got to keep up what I've been doing so MORE of it drops off. That way I'm back to where I "started" from before the carbfest began. THEN I can work on getting the rest off. Baby steps at a time....right now I'm working on how to get through the weekend OP!!!!
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Lovin' Life
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Default Good Morning!

Good Going Brenda!!

Yesterday was beautiful outside!! The 7.7 inches of snow we got 2 days ago is all gone! I dug into my little soon to be herb garden and I have loads and loads of worms!! Life is good! Got my rhubarb plant planted, my blueberry bushes planted, got my bird bath out, and the feeder out. Then I proceeded to put rat poison in the garage! I had taken down the bird feeder this winter, because I was getting rats coming up onto my deck at night to eat the fallen stuff. I was so upset by this, I took the feeder down. Well, now all the song birds are coming back, and I miss seeing them, so the feeder is back up. If the rats come back, I'll get more aggressive with the little creetins.

Its suppose to rain today, and maybe a thunderstorm, so I dont know what dh and I have planned for the day.

Have a great day everyone!
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"Just call me Princess":)
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Yaaaay Brenda!!

Robin: Eww Rats!!

You guys are going to hate me but its in the 90's here today. I have to clean up my yard this weekend and plant some flowers with Amber.

I have tons to do at work today so everyone have a fantastic day.
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Brenda: WOOHOO you go girl!

RobinW: Rats! We have a bird feeder outside my kitchen window in the garden....I love watching the birds while I make my lunch in the morning. The worse thing that shows up at ours are some squirrels, pigeons and those darn Grackles!

PRPrincessJ: Now if you said that it was 90 and it was February then YES we would hate you But it's April, we can forgive.

Day 3 for me going well. I have been so good...and the scale is proving it. Hopefully I can make it through the weekend without too much damage. We are meeting another couple for Chinese on Saturday so that will be tough. I can avoid the rice it is just all the sauces etc that won't be OP.

That's it for me...have a great day all.
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