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Default Thursday Chat 3/24

Well, my doubts are (temporarily anyway) gone. Until the next bout with the Devil (who is planting the doubts, no doubt).It has to do with a religious thing. Mainly my beliefs and feeling unworthy of Jesus' forgiveness.

Well, decided today to get some clothes. I'm going to go and get ready in a little while and then head out. When we get back told the girls I wanted to watch the movies my Cuz gave me...about the Rapture (if you know've heard of this) and the things we've gone through (or will go through) before that happens. Was OP yesterday. WOOHOO!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!
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Hello there ladies!

Quiet out there today. Today I think was probably the hardest day so far. Amber spent the afternoon with ex yesterday, and then when she came home in the evening, she cried until bedtime because she "missed her daddy" blah blah blah. It was very sad, and I tried to soothe her the best I could, and I tried to make things better-but she ended up crying herself to sleep. With Mommy rubbing her back, I felt so badly for her. My poor baby.So to say that I have been praying alot is an understatement. I am usually a person that prays daily-but lately its been like an all day event you know. Just really tough, and I know they say it gets alot worse before it gets better, so I am bracing myself for the worse, and holding Amber close, and hoping for the best. I know it will be alot better, I am sure it will be but in the meantime in the eye of this, its really difficult. You know I havemy own broken heart, because I gave this man six+ years of my life, BUT-I also have to mend my daughters broken heart, and that hurts more than anything else.

So I have been eating very very little, probably because I am stressing, and just not hungry, BUT thats okay because My clothes are getting loose, and that is so nice. I have been pretty much OP. I ate a banana yesterday because I was hungry, but not starved, or hungry enough for a meal or even a big snack. Just something to fill me up was all I needed.

Anyways....I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day, it is almost Easter, yaaay!

B-I am glad you are feeling better today. Just keep your head up.
Sorry I don't have any thing more enlightening to say, lol. But I am trying really hard to be my normal smiley happy self.

Ok...ladies! Have a great one.
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Hugs all round!! Brenda, Im glad your feeling better about things today. PRP I know what your going thru, and being there for your daughter, and listening to what she is saying about her feelings will help her alot. She isnt able to sort them out herself, but with your help she'll understand whats happening. She wont like it, but she will be able to deal with it better. Its been 5 yrs for me, and my daughter still wants to get her mom and dad back together. She even told me that me and her dad could get back together, and Mike (my husband) could move in too....we could be one big happy family That took alot more explaining, and she understands now. Its never easy, but she knows how lucky she is to have 2 parents that love her very much, and that we have to take turns having her at our homes. I dont know if this helps, but I hope it eases your mind a bit. It breaks our hearts to see our kids hurting so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Today was a busy day, I took the gang of girls out for lunch to applebee's, then we went bowling. The girls had a blast!! Me too, I bowled a 164!!! The best Ive ever bowled in my entire life!! Its all down hill from here!!

Things have quieted down a bit now, Im going to download a new barbie game, figure out how to play it, show dd, and then go rest my weary bones on the couch with dh
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