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Wink Tuesday Chat, March 1st

Good Morning Chicks,

I'm still at home and waiting for DH to finish snowblowing our driveway. I'd say we got a good 10" if not more, its hard to tell from looking at it thru the window LOL. When he's done I'm on my way to work. I have a hair appt today and don't wanna miss that either LOLOL !!!!!

Whats happenin w/you all ?
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Baby Steps
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Leenie: Enjoy your time off until DH gets the driveway plowed. Sorry you got so much snow. Can we say "Is it SPRING yet??" I hear you on the crappy snow! Have a good day

Well, today I'm giving my resignation. The nice boss is calling to let me know when the wicked witch is going to be out of the office. She has some type of appointment. So I'm going, giving my resignation, dropping off the appraisal for my ring, dropping off the cookies and taking MY stuff (things I put on the computer to keep it running decent that's in MY name) off the computer I use. Then it's off to deliver cookies to the in-laws (oh joy). Did I mention the lecture DH got from MIL about the "honor" it is to be asked to stand up in a wedding and yadda yadda yadda....and the fight they almost got into? Anyway, FIRST thing this morning though I have to go and drop off oldest DD's flute that she forgot. GRRRR. Oh...and speaking of TOM...she's got her 2nd one and is miserable. I feel so bad cuz I didn't let her stay home. Told her if she started feeling worse to call me. Otherwise, I plan on getting some dishes done, some clothes washed and folded and maybe a room cleaned. Looks like that's going to be my everyday job from now on. Did I mention I HATE houseowork? lol
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Default Good Morning!

I made it back before the snow storm hit! Had a nice visit with my gf but to be honest it was very emotionally draining. Things she thought I would be able to help her with, I couldnt. There is just too much for her to do alone, and she has alot of attachment to trinkets and odds and sods, that I cant possibly help her sort thru it all. Her and her sister just fight over almost everything, so she cant help her either. I told her to get that done on her own. I'll come back in april, and help sort out the ebay stuff and garage sale stuff. Regardless, Im glad to be home. Took me a few hours to get myself back (mentally). Even dh noticed I was very sad when I come home. While I was there gf had a little early b-day party for me, when she gave me what her mother had bought for me before she passed away I managed to keep it together. But when I got home and told dh about it, I lost it. That was one person that left a definate hole in the world when she left.

Eating has been WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY off!! I dont plan to get back to eating strict lc for a while. I have alot of travelling and visiting coming up this month, so I think if I try to keep on an even keel and pay attention, I should be ok. No all out carb fests, just eating smarter, until Im back home fulltime and can get back to my routine.

I still have to go catch up with everyone. Brenda, sounds like your leaving your job. I hope everything works out for you. You know what they say, when one door closes another opens.

Have a great day everyone
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Hi All, I hope everyone has a great day.
Leenie, That's a lot of snow! :snf: I just tried to post a pic of me in the snow on the beach where we "never get it." And it's only about 4-6 inches. It shut the entire area down. I thought a good 14 year old pic of me would be a good one to start with instead of recent. But once I resized it, it still said th KB was too big, so I'll work on it later.

Brenda, Can I please come your way to be a cookie counter? I can even help it go faster by lessening that count! Too bad they're letting that other boss get away with that. I hate that!

We're going to Sears optical today for the $79 eye glass sale. Then, the exam is $65 and then who knows what other costs, so only DH is doing it today. We're going to try not to get all the extras this time and see how low we can really keep the price. Plus he's having his eyes dialated 3 hours, so it wouldn't be good if we were both blind at the same time. My doggies can't drive. I'll do it in a couple of weeks since my dad was diagnosed with Glaucoma a few months ago, and I read I now have a 20% greater chance to get it. I let a lot of things go sometimes, but this is one I don't want to mess with.

Then I'm going to the craft store for a few scrap booking supplies. I'm in a "paper lunch bag" scrap book project with some friends where we are each going to make 4 pages and a pocket to put something in after the bag is folded. I've never scrap booked before, so I'm glad the one incharge of this sent me the bag, holes punched and pages numbered. It sounded easy when I signed up for it, but now I'm fretting over the darn thing.
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on my way down again
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Hi Robin, Glad you're back and sorry you were put through that. That was so hard. We had some friends go through that very same thing. So we loaned them space in our big shop to lay everything out on tables. They had a couple antique/collector appraisers come in and appraise every single item, even dish towels and the like. Everything had a price then, and if one of them wanted something they had to buy it from their equal money allotment of all the stuff or let it go up for sale. It was amazing how all of a sudden no one wanted the collectibles of their mother. I plan on doing this when and if the time comes with my Dad.

It's so hard to stay OP during times like this. You'll get back on track in no time. Hang in there.
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Sonnet: Oh a fellow scrapbooker!!!! I love to scrapbook. I have so much stuff in my workroom it isn't even funny....paper, cutters, punches, stamps you name it! I never seem to have the time lately to do it though I have one page that I am starting to draft. Maybe when all my sewing is done I can finally get to it!

Brenda: Why are you handing it in when she isn't there? When is your next day at work? I would have thought that you would LOVE to see her face when you hand it to her

Robin: Oh that sounds like such a tough trip you had. I remember when my dad passed away my brothers came by the house and started cleaning out the garage....I was like "Why on earth are you cleaning the garage, he never did" I guess it was just busy work for them. My mom went though all his personal stuff I is all a blur sometimes. Don't worry about this are right...just try to stay on an even keel.

Leenie: I don't know how much we got....not as bad as I think they thought. We had a 1 hour delay for work this morning so I got to sleep in

Baby steps...I decided to just try little changes one at a time this week. Try to stay as on track as I can....take my better....the usual.
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Argh- short version much going on

In the ER with the DH for 4 hours on Friday- bronchitis, they prescribed him some cough syrup that was $100.00 a bottle ! after co-pay!
now, of course, after taking care of him all weekend, ad monday ,here I am with it and back at work- life is so not fair sometimes!-lol

Have a great day- Im going to go to my happy place now.....
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Baby Steps
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Robin: Don't worry about the eating. That'll straighten itself out when you're not so down. Sorry things were rough. *hugs*

Sonnet: have fun w/the scrapbooking. It always looked interesting but I was afraid to get into it. The cost of start-up and I've got NO imagination. I always need patterns to follow when I'm doing a craft.

Jane: Good luck w/the baby steps!! It's a great way to learn things (I'm telling myself this also as I keep falling off the OP wagon lately also). The reason I put my resignation in while the witch wasn't there was because I really didn't feel like dealing with her anymore. I truly AM afraid....for HER physical safety. My temper went so far out of control on Thursday I really came close to jumping over the desks and punching her. THAT is not good (well, considering she IS the boss AND the type to sue! saved myself stress and money/lawsuits). So I took the less-stressful method.

Marie: Sorry to hear about DH...and did I read right in you've got the same thing now? Hope you feel better. Are you able to share some of DH's cough meds?

Well, I was pretty much told I didn't need to come back next week. The nice boss and I agreed that the witch wouldn't want me back anyway. I gathered my stuff from my desk (while the nice boss was watching. CMI is what I'm doing!)...and then took off the stuff from my computer that I had installed to keep it running decent. ROFL. They're going to have fun keeping that sucker up and running decent! I didn't get much accomplished today. I'm not sure hwere the time went! Tomorrow my dad has surgery so I won't get to do anything then either. But I should be able to clean more on Thursday and Friday (I hope). Guess we'll see how that goes. I need to figure out how to get and stay OP. Maybe after dad's operation tomorrow I'll be less stressed. THEN maybe I'll manage it.
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