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Question Atkins diet

People say that you lose 5 -10 lbs your first couple weeks on the diet, and then you only lose 1-2lbs after that a week. I was wondering if its because your in the first phase, and you have to have 20 or less carbs, and then after two weeks you go to the next phase and you can double your carbs. But what if you stay in the first phase and have below 10 carbs a day, is it possible to still lose 5-10lbs, atleast 5? And excerciseing everyday, walking 3-5 miles a day. They say you lose your energy but I dont. So do you think it would work? Eating tuna, and a couple eggs like 2 or 3 cause thats on 2 or 3 carbs. And doesnt it work better when you need to lose like 50 lbs? I really want to lose weight by summer and I will stay on the diet im not worried about gaining it back after cause I know I can stay on it.
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I am not sure hon. You can try, I don't think its will make you gain if that is what you are worried about.

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Hello xxjessicax17x: First thing is to read the book or at least check out the Atkins web site. You need to know what foods are acceptable during the first two weeks.
Everybody is different so you may or may not lose 5-10 pounds. I only lost 5. It may depend on how much you have to lose in the first place.
I have been on the plan since September and still only do 20 grams per day. I am not going to increase that until I get to within 5 pounds of my goal.

Go to and at least read the section on induction. Print out the acceptable food list.

Read our daily chat for advise too!

Good luck
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During the first week(s) you lose water weight. After that your body fights you to lose the fat. And it does differ from person to person and you learn what you can eat and what you can't (foods that make you stall)
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Hi xxjessicax17x, Welcome! For sure, like Jane said, read on the website for understanding of the Atkins' Deit. You don't really just double your carb count to 40 gms. Also, there is a very nice variety in food choice, so you don't have to stick to tuna and egss to have the best optimim weight loss. There are some things you won't be able to eat during induction like apples, carrots, breads potatos and any sugar, for example. The Atkins paper back is about $5.00. It explains how to have foods on hand for the times you're wanting to eat something, or feel like your losing energy. It also has the history and gives you some information on how to handle people who tell you things about the diet that are simply not true. The book and the website have so many good tasting recipes that are are very satisfying. If you need to lose 5 lbs or 100's a plan and a way of eating that you can choose to do. It sounds like you checked it out and like it. But like any diet or plan, you have to stick to it to keep your weight off. I like it better than any diet because I get to eat foods I love and I don't get hungry and weak like I have on other diets. I do better when I stick to 20 gms. I've never lost my energy for the near 4 years while following this plan. I lose energy when I go off of it and eat something like pizza, sugar desserts and snacks. Please let us know how it's going for you! Hope to see you in the daily thread here! There's a lot of wonderful supportive people here. Barbie
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