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Default Tuesday Chat - February 17th

Well ladies, I made the plunge and joined a gym!!!!

A ton of the teachers in my school district belong to Naturally Women, and they offer a substantial discount for our employees, so I finally decided to jump in!

I used to work out almost daily years ago and absolutely loved it. But now, with work, motherhood, and wifedom, I'm finding it next to impossible to fit anything in after work. This place, however, opens at 5:30 in the morning. That's perfect for me! I get up, anyway, at 4:30, so I can go to the gym in the morning, shower and change (they have beautiful facilities and actual doors on the dressing rooms and showers!!!!!!!!!), and still get to work an hour before the kiddies arrive. Plus, I have people right on campus who have promised to kick some serious butt (mine) if I don't show up.

Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful day.....
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Paula Wow weight till we see the pics this summer of you in your swimsuit. Your weight will just be falling off with your busy life.

Tiles are done and look not bad. They are dark green and that was the colour of my mats so I need to get some beige ones now. LOL do one thing got 10 more to do now.

Well still no responce on the scale from that cake the other day so I think I lucked out.
Last night though had the munchies bad and had nothing in the house to munch on.
I am going to hit the grocery store this morning and make sure I have things.
So that doesn't happen again. Dh had my car so even my almonds were gone.
I ended up mixing cream cheese with a bit of cocoa and splenda. Wasn't bad. Then had a slice of ham, Celery and creem cheese, pc of cheese. Finally went to bed to stop snacking.
I really wanted some meat but didn't have anything but roasts.

Better run get these kids to the bus
Have a good day all
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Paula congratulations for joining a gym !!

JJCJ, I give you credit for tiling, I have NO patience for that, I told hubby, just slap down lenolium and thats what we have (except in our shower).

Well I'm boss free today

Got my tky bacon and coffee cookin, watcha all doing today ?

My lovely dd decided to puke on the way to day care this morning, poor thing is coughing so hard it just came flying out (and I just washed her coat yesterday OY) ROFL, what can you do

Other than that, I'm hungry, get out of my way, and DON'T stick your hands near my face
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Spedmom-Congrats on joining the gym! Have fun

jjcj-isn't it amazing how one change trickles down into 5 others? Bet your bathroom looks great now!

Leenie-Sorry your DD isn't feeling well. Enjoy the boss-free day!

I made the mistake of thinking I could give the pistacchios to the DD's. It was worth a shot and actually no need to worry about them in the house anymore--because I ate them all last night I was watching tv and was only going to have a couple. Next thing I knew the container was empty. UGH!! I also threw the brownies out. Decided they were too tempting even in the freezer. Well, the LAST batch of brownies I threw out. The other ones are still in the freezer (but within a couple days will have frostbite so I'll end up throwing them out also. lol). So now I'm HOPING to stay OP!!! I did get off my tush last night and do a mile on the treadmill. So hopefully that will help combat the effects of all the pistacchios I've eaten. I guess there goes another week of not losing weight. My own fault though!!

Well, it's off to go talk to hubby for a few minutes and then it's off to work I go.

You all have a great day!
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Good morning. Well thank God the long weekend is over...back to plan. My darling husband gave me small box of chocolates and a beautiful floating heart necklace for valentines day. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE GOT ME CHOCOLATES!
Of course I ate them But I finally took what was left and added them into the box that I gave him so now they are out of my face!

Been pms'ing wicked this weekend. My moods get horrible lately when I pms. It is not pretty. I snap at everything he does and anyone else who gets in my way. Have to call the doctor today and ask if the calcium I am taking is causing my heartburn....UGGGHHHH it is driving me crazy. Prilosec is not working...may have to go back on my prescription.

Finally got a bedspread that I like (and my husband too) for our master bedroom and I bought a great fabric last night to make the bedskirt to go with it. I am so excited....I have been struggling for 3 years to find something "just right" for that room. Now I just have to find a colorful quilt for the foot of the bed and make some pillows. The spread is a solid dupioni silk in kind of a olive green (may sound weird but it really is nice). The skirt material is the same green with a goldish/ivory stripe. It will look very rich and sexy when done (I hope )

lady_adnerb: I am a big pistacchio fan myself. I can totally relate. Thank goodness I am only confronted with them on Friday nights at the bar. I don't keep them in the house. I usually have peanuts but I am not bringing any into work this week to snack on....need to crack the whip this week.

Leenie: Sorry about your daughter...hope she is well soon. Have a fun boss free day.

jjcj: Did you ask me for my pepperoni quiche recipe? I will post it on the recipe board.

Spedmom: YEAH on joining the gym. I really want to do that too. We have a tennis club just down the street from us that has a great gym in it. It isn't really expensive to join and I want my husband to join with me. I think he wants to work out alone but I told him I just want to do the treadmill and maybe some classes so I won't bother him. I hope we do it soon. I think it will really make a difference....And I think it will help with the stress I am feeling lately.

Have a great day everyone...will check in later.
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Morning, wow lots of up and earlies this morning, yeha!

Spedmom and Brenda wtg with the working out, I'm very happy for you, it's a gift I wish I could give everyone, to enjoy it, but alas there are still days that it's a stuggle to start.

Leenie, a fellow turkey baconer, how fabulous, and definitely enjoy your boss free day, my staff are not so lucky

jjcj good job with the muchies being op, at least you're not going to get the hangover and rebound from them, sometimes we just need a little pig out.

I don't want to be preachy at all but just share some thoughts with you guys because I see some amazing, dynamic woman talking themselves into defeat. Words and thoughts are incredibly powerful, if we think we can't resist, if we say we can't resist, we can't, I think it's that simple. Using powerful language moves us into powerful actions that do justice to how we see ourselves. And this is not all about the weight, I think the most important thing in the 6 months that I have done is to sit down (many times) and figure out the reason I was fat. I did it, there was a reason eating felt better than being thin did or I would have stopped, it took me almost a month to fully internalize that I wanted to gain weight or I would have stopped. Take a minute to look at old pictures of yourself (or current ones) and remember what it's like to be this way and how it was you got here. It's been the difference. I falter and stubble too but we need to know why and we need to change the why. And honestly, it isn't fair that people can eat anything and not gain weight and it's easy to say that they have other problems we don't see so it's ok. Or they have worst bloodwork or whatever, but for me I don't care, I don't see that but as mommy always said, no one ever said life was fair, our battle is ours, that's it, there are no reasons to not take care of ourselves, we have to choose not to be victims of this.

My wish is for everyone to beat this and we all can, we need to believe that

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Paula- Good for you for joining a gym, take me with you, okay ??

jjcj - Glad the tiling went well, I could never do that!!

Leenie - I hope your daughter feels better!!

Jane - Its always nice to get a new bedspread isn't it??

Tummy - Thanks for the great post

This morning I am discouraged. I have done EVERYTHING in my power to take this weight off. I woke up this morning to see that I gained a pound. AF is here, but still.
I did eat some pistaschio's last night, but other than that I have been GOOD! Not one little cheat since I started this WOE on January 2nd. I have lost 27 pounds, and yet I am discouraged. I guess that seeing me lose SO much weight at first has tricked me into thinking that it is possible for my body to continue losing weight more rapidly. Why do I need to see these numbers going down on the scale?? I do not know. My body is changing more every single day, and people are noticing my weight loss. I am just so focused on my first goal of 199 that I am pushing myself SO hard to get there.

I am wanting to surprise my husband on our Anniversary March 14, by getting a sexy little outfit. I have not worn a teddy since our honeymoon almost 12 years ago when I had a MUCH nicer body. I do not let him see me completely naked. I am so ashamed of what I have allowed myself to become. Having two children has done MAJOR damage to my body. I think that my Anniversary is really giving me that extra push to work out ALOT! I want to reserve our honeymoon suite, and relive some very happy memories, but more than that, I want to feel sexy again. He loves me no matter what size I am, and is VERY supportive of me in every way. I still only see the fat girl when I look in the mirror, and I dont know how to accept the fact that I can be big & still sexy. Ugggh.

Sorry to have written a book. I just wanted to get that out of my system. I feel better now

Have a great day everyone
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hillary29: Don't let this get to are doing great. 27 pounds in 1 month!!!!! That is fabulous. I do understand how frustrated you are when it goes up instead of down or just refuses to go down. I have been there.

Just keep pluggin along. That is what I am doing. I have my ups and downs but this woe has been the easiest to keep at. If I mess up I just hop right back on. The worst that happens is I crave carbs for a while again.

I have been spending the last week or two thumbing my nose at this woe because I felt bad for me. That is a very bad habit of mine. StarPrincess told me the other day that I need to have control over my body not the other way around. That is so true. Who is in control here? And if you think about it it also makes sense in other ways other than the physical.

I want you to go out and buy the sexiest teddy you can find and feel wonderful in it!
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Thank you Jane I am on fredericks of Hollywood website right now picking out my sexy new outfit. I will be wearing it, and I will be happy with my body when I wear it I love this board, the support here is awesome! Thanks again!!
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Hi Everyone,
I'm playing hooky from work today, not something I ever do but there is so much happening there it's like a soap opera and I just needed an extra little break from it. I got up took the kids to school and went back to bed until now. I feel great! I think stress has just had a toll on me and I needed a little extra sleep. So now I have a nice couple of hours to do what I want to!! That never happens so I'm going to milk it

Tummy - Great Post! I think whats so diffrent in this WOE then any others is I believe I can do it. On others WOE's I always felt it slipping away because I'd be hungry or I'd try to do to much as far as exercise and I'd burn myself out easily. Now I feel myself getting stronger, willpower wise and I do truely believe this is going to be the LAST time I ever need to wear this size and see the scale over 200.

Hillary - Take a moment to look back and see what you have accomplished! Dang girl! You are doing FANTASTIC! Don't let that little number on the scale bother you so much. Grab that tape measure and compare it to when you first started, I'm sure you'll be amazed at the results. Buy that teddy and make that DH of your drool

Sped - I took your advise and my 6sec. abs work out was better. I think my problem is I havent used these muscles in so long I forgot how I'll keep working at it I'm sure it will get better. Gratz on joining the gym! I wish I had enough courage to actually walk in the doors of one.

Jane - I told my DH if he brought me home chocolates he would have my foot placed promptly up his arse! So he bought me these cute little teddy bears.. you pull them apart and they vibrate back to each other and kiss Good job on the nibbles and then saying good bye to em! Just think it could have been so much worse. Your bedroom is sounding very nice, I wish I had the designer talent.

Brenda - Good job on tossing out the brownies and getting on the treadmill. I have been so tempted to make them as well, everytime I go to search out the atkins products they are staring me in the face. What I've been doing on the Gazelle is, I started by wanting to do a mile to report on the equator trek. At first this mile took me 25mins, now I can do it in 16mins. When I can do it in 15mins I'm going to increase it a half a mile and so on. I find that if I plunge right into exercise day after day and push myself, it frustrates me and I end up quiting. So I'm taking it slower this time around and easing my way into it.

Froufy - Hope you're enjoying your lunch today, even tho you cant post. We're thinkin' about ya.

Star - How's it going today?

Yikes I've written a novel here! Off to plug in a work out tape, all I have is good ole' Richard but it's been a while since I've seen his face soooo.. why not right?

Have a great day everyone!
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Hey everyone!

AMEN, TUMMY!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful post! I think we all need to read that daily!

I just have a couple of minutes since I'm in between meetings at the moment. Today I broke my cycle and did not step on the scale! I think I'm going to weekly instead of multiple times a day. I'm feeling good about my body and my progress. I know that I've really slowed down and that's to be expected. So I'm done with the daily scale thing! I think I'm past the point of shedding pounds overnight anyway

I'm still feeling cruddy and my voice is almost completely gone, but I'm still in a remarkably good mood. That's a big difference for me with this woe. Even when I'm sick, I still feel all upbeat and happy. How strange is that?
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Trazzie! You snuck in on me

Princess Froufy I still miss you!
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Hey, ladies. I just have time for a quick post, but I wanted to make sure to thank Tummy for the wonderful post. I really needed to hear that. And, Hillary, I know how you're feeling! But, wow!! You've lost more weight in a month than I've lost TOTAL on Atkins! You're doing fabulous! Keep up the great work, and the results you're wanting will come.

Froufy: I miss you, too! I wish you could post from work.

Hope all of you have a great Tuesday!

Take care,
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Hi all!
Don't have time to respond to everyone's posts... just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone! Hope you're all doing well and resisting temptation. I put a pic in my profile for anyone interested.... and now, I'm off to the doctor. Take care!
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Thanks, Shimma! I wish more people would do that! (hint, hint!)
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