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Default Atkins in the news - AGAIN

So there was some news today saying the Atkins nutritional is backtracking and now saying that followers of the Atkins plan should limit their intake of saturated fats. Here's what's posted on the Atkins website about this new press:

Atkins Has Not Changed

"Make That Steak a Bit Smaller, Atkins Advises Today's Dieters," published in the January 18th edition of The New York Times--and the subsequent publicity--is yet another dramatically inappropriate example of the media reporting on the media and perpetuating a false report on Atkins. This is a great disservice to the millions upon millions of Atkins followers who have been benefiting from this nutritional approach for more than 30 years. The accusation in the media, which claims that Atkins is retreating from its long-held position on the consumption of fat is simply wrong. It is a false premise created by members of the media themselves, based on input from "experts" who apparently have neither read any of Dr. Atkins' books, nor even casually browsed this Web site.

Atkins has not changed. The basic tenets of the Atkins Nutritional Approach™ (ANA), consistent since 1972, are to control the intake of carbohydrates, avoid refined carbs (like sugar and white flour), eat a balance of fats (including saturated fat but not trans fats) and consume a variety of protein sources, such as red meat, fish, poultry and tofu. Saturated fat remains a valuable part of the ANA. There is absolutely no scientific research to support any claims that eating red meat and saturated fat as part of your Atkins program is anything other then beneficial. These protocols have been consistently reinforced as safe, effective and beneficial and have been further supported by 17 studies released over the last three years.

Equally as important, and terribly troubling to all of us at Atkins, is the attempt once again by critics of Atkins to ignore fact, science and the clear messages stated in Dr. Atkins' own words over the past 32 years, in order to sensationalize the ANA as the "all-the-steak-you-can-eat" approach to weight loss and good health. This has never been true and the millions of individuals doing Atkins, along with the health care professionals who have read Dr. Atkins' books, clearly understand this. We would urge anyone who is confused, including the media to simply read Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Atkins For Life or The Atkins Essentials, or review this site, rather than interpret Atkins on the basis of sensational reports manufactured on hearsay and mischaracterization.

Even in the original 1972 edition of Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, Dr. Atkins explained, "fat allows for enormous variety in your diet; that vital and best of all, it keeps you from feeling deprived. Of course, you aren't confined to steak, you can have almost any kind of meat, fish or fowl." He continued, "One of the biggest reasons this diet works so successfully is because you eat protein and fat…."

Dr. Atkins made no secret of the fact that his methodology evolved over time as scientific discoveries added new and useful information. He rewrote his original 1972 book three times, exactly because he felt it was his responsibility to keep people up to date when it came to the most recent and relevant information on controlled carbohydrate nutrition and health. In the 2002 edition of Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, he wrote, "Eat either three regular-size meals a day or four to five smaller meals. Eat liberally of combinations of fat and protein in the form of poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs and red meat, as well as of pure, natural fat in the form of butter, mayonnaise, olive oil, safflower, sunflower and other vegetable oils. Adjust the quantity you eat to suit your appetite, especially as it decreases. When hungry, eat the amount that makes your feel satisfied but not stuffed…."

By providing individuals doing Atkins with a life-long strategy, including exercise and meal plans (at various carb thresholds) incorporating a wide range of foods, as explained in Atkins for Life, Dr. Atkins believed he would finally put to rest the misconception that his approach was based on eating only red meat. His simple goal was that people would come to understand how to incorporate his controlled carbohydrate nutritional approach as the first step in gaining control of their nutritionally out-of-control lives.

Millions of individuals who benefit from doing Atkins understand that the ANA is a very effective four-phase approach to healthy eating. The ANA focuses on moving people away from diets loaded with refined carbohydrates like sugar and white flour to a lifestyle centered around eating whole foods and nutrient-dense carbohydrates like leafy greens, and finding a balance in the consumption of proteins and fat.
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thanks star! when i heard the commercial blibs about this being on the news, i decided to completely ignore it. i did not believe it would be true anyway, as i feel i've read enough about all of this (not just atkins books, but many others too) and i do not eat an all red meat diet anyway.

in fact, since starting atkins, i eat a far more BALANCED diet and more variety than i ever did before! to keep it from getting boring, i have added more fish and fowl, and haven't eaten this many different veggies since i was a vegetarian. so there is no doubt this plan has made me healthier than i was eating all those darned processed carbs!!

the carbs just ended up taking over most of my diet and i couldn't keep them under control because of how fast they digest and left me starving for something more. i was always looking for that quick "fix" like a drug addict.

i don't necessarily believe that there is one-size-fits-all diet, and i wish the atkins attackers would just knock their bashing off and just be happy with whatever they personally believe. but i guess that's the way it is with so many humans, they just can't stand there being more than "their way" out there.

i am seeing a lot more acceptance, though, now that dr atkins has died. and i can see that it will continue growing at an awesome pace. i don't think it will take that many more years before the "low-fat" diet is a thing of the past, since so many of got *obese* on it. (i, for one.)
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I just got an email from the Atkins people about this:

Your friends at Atkins® encourage you to click on the link below to view Dr. Stuart Trager’s interview on "Good Morning America," which aired on January 20th. Dr. Trager explains that Atkins has not changed its position on fat and refutes the report printed in last Sunday's The New York Times.

View the video clip
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Originally Posted by YooHoo
in fact, since starting atkins, i eat a far more BALANCED diet and more variety than i ever did before! to keep it from getting boring, i have added more fish and fowl, and haven't eaten this many different veggies since i was a vegetarian. so there is no doubt this plan has made me healthier than i was eating all those darned processed carbs!!
Yoohoo - you are so right, i too have far more of a balanced diet since starting the Atkins diet - the different veggies i now eat is amazing, again with the meat, it's not all red meat, i eat loads of fish / fowl etc.

I am in the UK and this WOE has really bad press, some people almost treat me like i have an eating disorder if they find out i'm eating this way!!! We all tend to do it behind closed doors - it's like a secret club

Hubby has now joined me and has lost 15lbs+ and looks fantastic...we are healthier now than we've ever been!
All hail Dr Atkins!!
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Thats all right, any publicity is good publicity. That's why we're getting so many good low carb products coming out (and some not so good ones too).
Looking forward to that LowCarb Heinz Ketchup, cant afford the Keto stuff anymore...
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I'm soooooooo glad its not true, the media stinks, they will go to no length to try to destroy something good. Makes you wonder if they really want us to be healthy.

I personally have been trying to watch my saturated fats, but thats me, its a personal choice b/c I have increased my carbs (with veggies). But again, I am striving to eat leaner meats by choosing ckn, fish, etc.

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Im Mee,

At 23 years old I weighed 190 pounds....I was up and down from childhood..I did the Atkins diet at 25.. I pretty much left all bread and starches out of my diet and sweets..lost the weight ..went downt to 135...and for 20 years off kept the weight off.....every time I put breads back in my diet Id climb up the weight scale again...I was up to 155 and tried Weight Watchers I went down to 133 pounds..again ..but I did it Atkins Style pretty much..I got most of my points using low protein..well I forgot in time I am really allergic to breads etc..and started eating like I am normal..started eating pasta again..then bread..the problem is the more I eat the more I want..and sweets..forget it..I just crave them all when I eat carbs....well I just went back on Atkins out of desperation..I stated on Atkins 1 and half weeks ago at 180 pounds..see I was way up there...and with a thyroid .. (Hypothyroidism-Low) and thought this was my only problem..for the past 2 years I have been on thyroid medication..I thought this is why I couldtn lose weight..well I just couldnt lose and just kept in just 1 and half weeks I've lost 8 pounds on Atkins and with out being hungary and feeling great..I had forgotton...I hope I made sence..Everyone has always told me I have such a beautiful face..I want to be thin again..I got so that I didnt want to go out anymore in public..always keeping my coat hide the fat..and hating to have my picture taken...because I just look so diferant with weight on..Atkins is the only kiet that ever worked for me.
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Very good article!

Thanks for posting it Star!

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