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Default Home from the Cardiologist - all is well

We spent only 1 hour at the pediatric cardiologists office today.
They told me to prepare for 2-3 hours, so we were pleasantly
surprised that we were out of there so early.

They did an EKG, an ECG and a few other tests like listening to her tummy and feeling her ankles and wrists.

She gets an A+ for heart health. She doesn't really even have a
murmur - what the doctor was hearing was normal blood flow to/from her heart. It just so happens that her heart is very close to her chest wall so the sounds of blood flow is very pronounced.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her - aside from being really enraged about having the ultrasound on her heart. But she got over it fairly quickly.

On a side note: I took a good sized lunch of Bridget's "safe" foods
with us to the office since I was anticipating being there from 10-1
or so. As we waited for the doctor to come in, we broke out the lunch and she was happily eating her sweet potato cubes when the doctor came in. He chuckled and said that he was "all for it" when it came to having a picnic.

The whole staff was wonderful with her. Too bad they aren't our
regular pediatrician!!

Bridget (03/02) - who is now apparently 26.5 pounds (barenaked) and 35 inches tall, quite different from the 28 pounds/34 inches she was last week. Amazing!! She is going to be a tall one - that girl.
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I am so happy for you Lisa and I know how relieved you must feel - nothing like getting a clean bill of health for our little ones....and she's growing like a weed!

Sweet potato cubes for everyone - in celebration! (oops!).


P.S. Okay my friend Star...the computer geekette - you're supposed to hit the "Post reply" button on the right side and not the "new thread" one on the left....just a suggestion...tee hee
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I'm glad to hear everything is fine!! I'm sure you're very relieved, too. Thanks for letting us know!!

Take care,
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Hi Lisa, I'm so glad to hear your little girl is doing well. Barbie
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Lisa - Praise God you have a healthy little girl!!! I am so glad those worries can just float away now.... Any chance they could recommend a different pediatrician for you?
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Lisa, I can understand how you feel. I don't think there is a feeling more sickening than when your baby is ill and you can't do a thing about it. About a month ago my son had a cold and when I woke up with him in the morning I found him panting with a fever of 104F. He was completely lethargic and I thought I would throw up. I was so scared. It turned out to be nothing but an ear infection. The panting was a reaction to the fever but it was my first experience with him being sick. (he's 7mos) I never knew vulnerability until he came along and now I know that I would kill someone or worse if necessary to protect him in a heartbeat.

I'm so glad she's healthy and growing tall and strong. She's going to be great and so are you. Oh, and Logan loves sweet potatoes too!
Take care.
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Praise God !
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Yeah Lisa! I am so happy all is fine!!
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