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Default 40 days and 5 pounds

I have to say that the LCHF thing isn't working out as I had hoped. I exercise 4 times a week, keeping calories under 1400 a day, protein might be higher than fat, it's hard to keep protein down, fat up. I have given up bread, which smells terrible to me now, and caramel frappuccinos for 40+ days, and only 5 lbs lost, wth? Do I have to give up dairy and nuts? I can't do ketosis, 20 carbs or less leaves me looking like the crypt keeper. I am looking into the set point theory, am I there? Really bummed.
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You shouldn't give up nuts (assuming they're pure nuts with nothing added), especially if you're doing a high fat diet, because nuts are a healthy source of fat.

Dairy: Plain greek yogurt is healthy. Some cheeses are high in saturated fat, so don't eat too much. Milk has more sugar (about 12g), but I think 1 or 2 cups a day won't hurt you.

If you post a full list of what you eat, I might be able to give you more advice, but 5 lbs in 40 days isn't bad.

What type of exercise do you do?
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I started on March 17, and by March 27, I had lost 21 pounds. Yes, eat saturated fat! The "fat" in HF/LC is often saturated fat.
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Giselley, what did you eat in a day that you could lose so quickly like that?
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Sorry for not getting back quickly. This diet works, easily, and quickly when you stay exactly to the guidelines. No starch (bread, rice, potatos, pasta) nothing with sugar at all. No vegetable that came from the ground. No nuts (unless it was a small amount in a salad or something). No milk (but yes to cheese, cream cheese, and heavy cream). I learned how to make heavy cream yogurt. I also added fat to everything: A few teaspoons of bacon grease in my soup, coconut oil in my coffee. I ate very fatty meats. I did not exercise one step either. I drank plenty of water, and at about the 3 month mark started trying to do some intermittent fasting.

It was hard at first because I was on a plant based heavy on the starch diet. I realized that I had packed on 80 pounds because of that plant based diet. The plants were not to blame, it was the carbohydrates.
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Some people are sensitive to dairy. If you eat heavy cream, cheese and yogurt daily, for a lot of people, it will stall their weight loss.

Also processed meat will stall you as well. So will artificial sweeteners.

If you are having problems getting enough fat, I highly recommend eating 1 oz. of macadamia nuts. They are the nut with the highest fat. And they are pretty yummy
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Hi Zemelle, honestly it sounds like you're trying to do too much - low carb, low fat and low cal. Your body won't stand for that. Ok you might not think fat is low but if you're not eating more fat than protein then your fat is too low. You need to aim for 70% fat in your diet. Get an app that logs your calories and macros to track it and go for 70% fat - eat MORE nuts (low carb ones like pecans), cream, butter and cheese. Eat a few more calories - don't go under 1500.
Make fat the main part of your meals. Also, are you measuring yourself? If you're losing inches this is a good sign you're losing fat but gaining muscle - all good but exercise can slow down weight loss while it adds muscle. At your height you're not at a true set point - you're probably at a set point your body's had before and would like to be again but you will break through it.

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Hey thanks for the tip on the fat. I have been doing low carb for almost a year but the loss has stalled for 5 months. I am going to aim for more fat
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