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Originally Posted by AnaBee View Post
That's interesting that you have gastro upsets if you don't eat low carb on Metformin. I find the opposite - I get less side effects if I'm eating higher carb, but of course, that's pointless since low carb helps improve insulin resistance. I ended up having to cut my metformin dose when I got serious about being really low carb (atkins levels). If I'm around 50-100g grams, it probably wouldn't matter so much.

The test for insulin resistance is the Glucose Tolerance Test with insulin (the regular test doesn't include insulin). You can see the really high insulin spike that keeps blood sugars in line (so I always looked fine on diabetes tests) that shows there's a problem. Without having insulin tested people just keep showing normal on diabetes blood tests until eventually their bodies struggle to make enough insulin and the blood sugar levels creep up to pre-diabetes levels and then full blown diabetes.

Funsize, years ago I lost weigh on the BCP and then gained when I went off it. I asked my doctor about it recently and she wondered if the consistent levels of hormones worked for me. We don't know for sure but she said it wasn't as unusual as I thought it was.

It's interesting to hear that you guys are losing on 50-100gs. I have been struggling with really low carb (and totally went off it while travelling and have been paying the price with non stop gaining lately, gotta love my IR body's ability to pile on the pounds so fast, not).
I think it has everything to do with how Metformin is helping your physiology. Metformin is supposed to make your cells more sensitive to insulin, correct? I wonder how the glucose in your blood affects you with the Metformin and if that's what causes the differences.

I'll add that I'm losing weight with being under 150 grams of carbs, but I also will add that I'm not eating dairy or grains. I eliminated those from my diet because I was beginning to see a pattern of what looked like a milk allergy and I am testing that by not eating dairy for a while. And eliminating grains was something that I decided to add as a way to reduce my dependence on carbs and stay with the 150 or less based on my veggies and fruits and nuts.
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FINALLY!!! After months.. and months.. of wavering between 178.8 and 182..... I am 177.8 this morning. FINALLY! Eating 1200 calories for 4 weeks straight did not break me through... but eating low carb has!! Finally!
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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I have gone low carb and gluten free and loved hearing all the great info on how much it has helped other people! I am insulin resistant (glucose intolerant), and have PCOS as well. The carb cravings are subsiding (1 week into LC diet) and my energy is starting to pick up. Thanks for all the input!
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Red face New IR Patient!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jamie, I'm 23 and I have been struggling with my weight for about 4 years. I entered college weighing 148. I started exercising and became very active. I ended up losing 20 pounds, weighing 128. I felt really good, healthy, and larger than life! I soon got Mono and felt too exhausted to work out or been even the slightest bit active. I often feel "weird", shakey, distracted. I have dealt with some hypoglycemia and monitor my blood sugar. I have since gained 120 pounds and currently weigh about 240 at 5 foot 4 and a half. I try to eat a low carb, high protein, high fiber diet with lean meats and vegetables along with aiming for a 1400-1600 calorie diet. Sure, I sometimes go over, but it's usually with healthy food!

I thought my weight gain was due to lack of exercise but even with this diet I can't seem to lose weight. I stopped having my periods and my doctor put me on provera. I just recently got inusrance, thank the Lord and went to see a gynocologist last week. He ran some blood tests and did a sonogram to check for cysts, thyroid problem, and my insulin.

My thyroid and male hormones came back normal, however he said that my fasting insulin level was too high at 22. I was surprised to find this out because my blood sugars are not high.

I understand now why I am gaining weight and not losing-because my body keeps storing the carbs and fat!! But why is it still high now that I'm on a low carb diet???

My doctor is going to set me up with a reproductive doctor, and mentioned putting me on metforum(?). Does anyone suggest this pill? Are there any negative side effects? Is this why I have hypoglycemic tendancies but not sugar highs??

Any advice would be helpful!! Totally new to this insulin resistance! Thanks
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Originally Posted by Rana View Post

I'll add that I'm losing weight with being under 150 grams of carbs, but I also will add that I'm not eating dairy or grains. I eliminated those from my diet because I was beginning to see a pattern of what looked like a milk allergy and I am testing that by not eating dairy for a while. And eliminating grains was something that I decided to add as a way to reduce my dependence on carbs and stay with the 150 or less based on my veggies and fruits and nuts.
Good for you giving up the dairy! Ugh, I keep trying - I think it contributes to a lot of my respiratory problems - but I find it so hard. I am strictly gluten free and in general I avoid grains but I've been thoroughly off the wagon lately. A few pages back someone mentioned problems with white rice and I totally agree, I might as well just eat sugar from the sugar bowl.

Someone also asked about popcorn. I can't eat it - gives me crazy, crazy cravings and while for some people it might be a good snack, I don't think it is for those of us with IR.

Hey Jamie. Usually with IR our insulin is high but it's still keeping our sugars normal. Down the track though it can deteriorate and people develop type 2 diabetes.

Metformin is supposed to help the cells become more insulin sensitive. Overall it's supposed to be a pretty safe drug to take and millions of diabetics take it too so they have a lot of data on it. There can be some complications so your doctor will monitor you but I've taken it for about 3 years now with no problems. The regular version can be pretty brutal on the digestive system at first though, even the extended release version (which is what I take) needs you to slowly increase the dosage or omg you never leave the bathroom!

For me Metformin helped get rid of that shakey suddenly insanely hungry feeling. I used to think that I could eat my own arms I was so starving. Also learning how to eat better *for me* helped (learning that there was a physiological reason that low fat high carb was a total nightmare for my body, no matter what the stupid pyramid says)
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I found out just this week that I have IR/PCOS. When I was younger I used to eat low carb because my mother always did, and I was at a normal weight. When I moved out and got married, I started eating regular carbs like everyone else and I gained over 70 pounds. I was so frustrated because I wasn't eating more than most people, and I always ate "healthy." It felt unfair. I tried to explain to my doctor at the time that I was not just eating out of control and I felt like something was wrong, but she didn't believe me. I tried several diets to no avail, and then I completely gave up on trying at all for a while. I didn't want to go back onto a low carb diet because I thought hey, there are plenty of other low cal diets, why should I have to give up on bread completely?

I'm actually currently in med school, and while studying PCOS a couple months ago I realized that I had a lot of the more vague symptoms (hair growth, irregular periods, acanthosis), so I brought them up with my OBGYN. It feels good to finally have an explanation for my problems.

This is just my second day back on low-carb after 5 years of wondering how on earth I gained so much weight and couldn't lose it. I have high hopes, especially after reading this thread!
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Finally in control.
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Low carb has been the answer for me. It's completely eliminated my sugar cravings. Eating clean has also been incredibly helpful. I eat Greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast most mornings and lean protein and veggies for lunch and dinner with a salad with both meals. I'm never hungry and I feel so much healthier.
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I just read a book from amazon called the Insulin resistance diet. It seemed very straightforward! I'd recommend it
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I have Insulin Resistance too. I feel like I have found kinred spirits here ! All my life I would eat and then feel hungry an hour later. My family would laugh at me. Finally put onto Metformin last year and it helped for a while... but the biggest help has been my new Diet... Wheat Belly.. I really like it.. Have lost 15 kg so far..but the best is having no hunger. I really think I can reach goal weight now!!
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