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Default LCHF diets

I have just started a low carb/high fat diet regimen and my husband is worried about me. I chose to do this because I always feel worse when I eat carbs and sugar. He is concerned about eating more fat and what that might do to my body. Everything I have read says that there is nothing unhealthy about this unless of course you take advantage of the whole bacon and cheese thing and just go hog wild, which obviously is not what I am trying to do. Any help on how to explain to him that this is ok? Or if there are health concerns, what should I be careful of?
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I don't consider it high fat - I just don't eat the low fat crud out there that adds sugar and salt to make it taste better .... Yes I eat butter instead of margarine, regular mayo instead of low fat mayo, half and half in my coffee but look at the labels and an example is my half and half is cream and skim milk while the fat free half and half had 4 or 5 ingredients added to it.

Also at my last doctors visit (cardiologist - I go because of family history - I want to prevent any heart issues) he was amazed at my new numbers - said numerous times he wished I could teach a seminar to all patients because I had done exactly what he wanted all his patients to do. And yes he knows I eat like this now.

And I've lost 50 lbs since June 1st - so I average 1.5 lbs lost a week - a healthy amount to lose weekly not a drastic amount and my skin is softer and way less dry.

Basically I don't call it LCHF I just say I don't eat sugar or starches (breads, rice, pasta, potatoes etc). I eat meat of course (chicken, fish, beef, pork) and lots of veggies, salads and drink lots of water (gave up diet soda) I read labels and choose the ones with less ingredients on them and shoot for the ones I can pronounce and know what they are. Yes I eat bacon and I eat eggs and even cheese but it isn't like you are pigging out on them - it's pretty self- regulating because you get full quickly - I may have 3 possibly 4 slices of bacon and one or two eggs depending on how hungry I am but I'm full and full for hours after so no snacking or craving after.

Hope this helps
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I find that unless people are well-read on LCHF the "high fat" just scares them and the "low carb" sounds like a fad diet.

I too tell people I'm not eating sugar and starches and that I eat a lot of healthy vegetables and only whole foods (nothing processed) and usually let it go at that.

Even my husband he gets an abbreviated version of what I do and don't eat. He knows the veggies get butter again, and that if he wants pasta or potatoes with his meal he needs to plan for them himself (I rarely offer to make them). My mom got an abbreviated version too until she was told she was pre-diabetic and since she's gone low carb (she does low GI load) now I can talk to her about specifics if I choose to.
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Sweden just changed its dietary guidelines to recommend LCHF!

From The Examiner:

"Sweden has become the first western nation to recommend a lower-carbohydrate higher-fat, diet as part of an effort to reduce the national prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and to improve markers of heart health. This bold move stems from a literature review of 16,000 studies on diet and obesity, published by Swedish government advisors at the Council on Health Technology Assessment."
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Lifestyle Changes
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I've done a lot of reading about it. I'm convinced it's the best way of eating for most people but honestly I wouldn't want to be the one to explain that.

Even telling it to my parents is tough. They aren't even convinced of the unhealthy fats thing but just the idea of avoiding bread and sugar scares them.

People are comfortable the way they're eating and if you flip their habits on their side it makes weight loss look like so much work, but to me this way of eating has actually taken away a lot of the mental effort weight loss used to take. It still takes some decision making and discipline but before this way of eating all my spare mental energy went towards one thing, which was trying not to overeat.

But there will always be people who scoff at the idea that saturated fat isn't going to kill you and there will always be people who believe grains are the one true heart savior. I think my results speak for themselves and if people think I'm going to drop dead from heart disease that's fine with me.
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Mercola's website shows some of the reasons you should go organic LCHF, with the studies to back it up.
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I started a few weeks ago then fell off the wagon and back on now (sigh). You could also show him how nutritious your food is, go to and check up on vitamins and minerals you are getting from your diet, i was astounded!!

Also your insulin levels should be lower.

Good luck x
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