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Corporette diet
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Default Carbs & Cravings

Hey carb-counters,

I'm a calorie-tracker myself but I've found that my cravings are all carb-based, and every night it's carbs after 8pm that derail me and add between 200-800 calories to my day. Wanted to ask a couple quick questions:

1. Does going low-carb cut down cravings or is it better to satisfy those cravings?

2. What do you find is best for satisfying evening carb cravings? I tend to eat dinner at 6 pm and i don't sleep until between 11-2 am (college lifestyle, of course).
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Try something like some peanut butter with celery, low carb and high fiber The PB is a bit high on calories but I find 1 tbsp is good enough for me.

And yes- I find I have less cravings when I'm eating less carbs and more veggies and protein.
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I CAN do this!
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i would adjust my meals to be later. what about an 8 or 9pm dinner?
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Yes- one of the best things about a low carb plan is that the cravings monster pretty much vanishes!

But yeah if you're up that late, you should either eat a later supper or plan for a snack in the evenings. How about nuts? A slice of pb toast? Cheese and a favorite sliced veggie? Sometimes at night I like pepperoni slices cooked in the microwave til crisp , and eatern plain or with mustard. Mmm!
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I get the 94% fat free Orv. Red. popcorn in the mini-bags. Lots of crunch factor to eat the whole bowl, and I feel full. Popcorn is a whole grain, too. But overall, the less carbs from the "white" groups, the better.
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Going low-carb has really helped with the hunger, but if you do not eat enough, you might still experience cravings.

I had a pretty tough withdrawal from sugar, so do be aware that if you switch to a more low-carb approach that you might have a rough going at it for 7-14 days or so.
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I have upped my protein slightly at dinner time, no fruits after 2pm and I have a yogurt (6oz.) for evening dessert (a couple hours after dinner). Keeps me satisfied and loosing...Good luck.
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