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Here I go again
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Default This past weekend

So, I went to a wedding this past weekend, I am disappointed in my self. I had a few too many glasses of wine and I had some cake too. A carb addicts paradise at this wedding. They had pasta, bread. Appetizers weren't too figure friendly, carb loaded, I stayed away from the carbs as much as I could, but something had to give in. My downfall was the wine and dessert. Although I did end up getting sick to my stomach,b/c I wasn't used to the heaviness and sweetness of the icing on the cake. I felt like I was a failure on my diet.

The next day I did feel lousy and had a poor appetite. Didn't eat until this evening. But I did feel like I was bloated. I didn't weigh myself either, I didn't want to be more depressed *sigh* Looks like its back to Phase one of Atkins for me this week.

I'm going to another wedding in two weeks. Does anyone have tips on how to avoid another one of my downfalls?
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There have been plenty of times when I'v gone off plan and felt aweful. The important thing is to get right back to it! Nobody's perfect, so don't be hard on yourself. As for the next wedding try and eat before you go so you aren't to hungry when you get there and just do your best to eat as good as you can. (hopefully they have something you can have) And remember if you slip up, you can always get right back on track the next day.
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keep in mind how lousy the high sugar things made you feel. Try and learn to associate eating them with feeling rotten and it makes them easier to avoid.

I'm not sticking to Atkins right now, but I do know that when I've been on it and been very good for some time, when I do suddenly flood my body with carbs (like you did) I feel literally sick. It is such a shock to your system to go from burning ketones almost exclusively to having so much sudden glucose in your body that you do tend to feel simply awful afterwards.

My problem is that I've associated carbs with a "feel good" feeling for so long that changing that association and recognizing how bad it really does make you feel takes some thought and serious recognition of what it does do to you.

I agree you should eat beforehand, and you should bring some special treat with you that you CAN have so that you aren't tempted by that too sweet sugary cake that always show up at weddings. They really are disgusting when you think about it. The icing on them is like eating sugar and shortening, There isn't anything healthy or even tasty about them. And they do terrible things to your blood sugar levels. Bring with you a treat, something you would enjoy and when everyone else is having cake you have your treat. Maybe something like strawberries or raspberries or sugar free chocolate. Something that feels special and won't throw your body into that nasty heart pounding freaky sugar shock feeling.
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I've been successful on Atkins b4 so I remember overcoming challenges like wedding receptions - kind of hate to admit what I did to get thru the temptations but since I'm always totally honest when I come to this Board - here goes:

I just would get really drunk and dance my butt off!


It helped that I can hardly ever eat anything when I'm drinking - but do remember going to an all night "Pancake House" and loading up on Atkins-Friendly Breakfast Type Food many times after a night of partying. The thought of treating myself to that AFTER the party always seemed to get me thru.
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