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Angry OMG SO frustrated!!

Am I the only one who has super long plateaus?? If so, how do you break past them? I'm starting to give up on this whole thing
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I went through a plateau a couple of months ago. I didn't lose a single pound in 4 weeks. It was so frustrating! But didn't give up.

I went heavier on the weights. From a pair of 2lb dumb bells to 10lbs.
I also increased my cardio and upped my calories.

A week later I lost 4 lbs!

Don't give up. You can do it.
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I'm stuck right now, too. haven't lost a thing for 2 1/2 weeks. I haven't found anything that's helped yet- but if I do I'll pass it along. Hope you start losing again!
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I sure did....I hit a very stubborn plateau....I was up and down, up and down and it was very frustrating. I really wanted to give up but what is the alternative? Gain back all the weight?

I actually lowered my physical activity and I also decreased my calories. This really helped a lot. I used to do a lot of working out...6 or 7 days a week. I think it was just too much for my body. Now, I work out about 4 or 5 times a week, keep active the other days too and instead of doing an hour of cardio, I do about 30 minutes (plus walk the dog). I may increase it in the future, but this somehow helped me.

My calories...I dropped them from about 1300 to alternating between 1000 and 1500....I cycle them but not based on any formula, but more on how much I feel on any given day. I am not starving. Do I have times when I'm hungry? Yes and then I eat.

I have found that eating lots of soups is great (veggie soup). I eat very high fiber foods. I drink lots of teas and I do like my coffee but it's very low calories.

Everyone's different and I even find that what works for me changes all the time. I think the key is to just keep trying different things but make sure they are things you can live with and stick to.
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Don't give up!! Believe me I know how frustrating it is and I complain about the scale bouncing around in every direction but down - BUT even if that number isn't changing as long as you're eating healthier and exercising then you are getting healthier. Your body is functioning better and your entire system is working better because you're taking better care of it.

Don't lose heart - keep working at it and eventually the scale will respond to your efforts!
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I can't really say I've hit a plateau yet, but my weight was exactly the same last week as the week before. I upped my calories and exercise a little this week and can't decide if I feel like I maintained, loss, or gained this week (my body has felt all out of wack this week). Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

I also ordered some body fat calipers and a scale (using one at work right now). I figure with one more way to track my progress I won't be as mad if the scale's not moving but my body fat % is going down.

So maybe look for other indications of progress, like body fat or how your clothes fit until the scale starts moving again. That's my plan for now.
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Its not all about the number on the scale, its about how you feel, in your own skin, in your clothes. Sometimes the scale says no loss, and your pants say you lost. Try measuring and weighing, then when you get discouraged one way you get encouraged in another.
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I"m stuck, too. Lose for a week, get stuck for 3+/- weeks. I'm in my third week of a plateau right now and getting very irritated.
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Originally Posted by gracesmomma View Post
Am I the only one who has super long plateaus?? If so, how do you break past them? I'm starting to give up on this whole thing
How long is "super long"?

If you are talking less than a month, I'd say the way to break it is to trust in your plan, stick to your plan, and give it time. Most people do not lose weight week after week like clockwork - fits and starts are a normal part of the biological process, and sometimes your body just needs to rest and adjust. Watch your weight loss patterns over time and you'll start to see it.

If it's long than a month, then you might want to take the suggestions others have made about tweaking your plan - drop your calories a little, change up your exercise routine.

Either way, be patient! Stick to your plan and the weight will come off - even if it doesn't come off all at once, and even if it doesn't come off smoothly and uniformly week after week. You can do it!
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I don't know if mine is considered a plateau~ my weight has stayed in the same range (153-160lbs) for almost 5 months now!

It started when I moved to another city... stopped jogging my usual 1.5 hours and counting calories (800-1000). But I didn't overeat either and still walked at least 20 minutes a day. I guess that's considered "maintaining"... but it's still frustrating since I have a looong way to go!

I am now working out and counting calories again. I'm on my 19th day of 30-Day Shred... and I'm actually 153lbs now and never go over 157lbs anymore... so I am hoping it will go lower and reach 140's soon!!!

Good luck to us! Don't give up!!!
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Thanks girls. I won't give up, it's just a little discouraging sometimes. This has only been about a week long plateau, so I guess it's not that bad. I just like to see the number go down everyday. I'm going to start measuring myself. That's a good idea. I just wish I had done that from the beginning so I could see total inches lost. I also have not been excercising.... at all. I'm going to get back at the excercising once my finals are over. I only have a few hours a day when my husband can watch the baby and I need to spend those hours studying. Thanks for all your input, I feel better now

Y'all are great!
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