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Unhappy help! Gaining weight!

I'm a daily weigher and know that there are ups and downs over the course of a week and am okay with that.
However, the past 4 days something has been off, scale is going steadily up, no ups and downs as usually happens with me.

Here is the breakdown for the past week, can you ladies look and see if you can see anything wrong?

11/10- Consumed 1389 calories, 20 minutes of yard work (164 burned) net 1225 calories weight (at 8am) 216.4

11/11 Consumed 1251 calories, 35 minutes of stationary bike (173 calories burned) net 1078, weight (at 8am) 217.2

11/12 Consumed 1189 calories, burned 632 (lots of yard work and stationary bike), net 557 weight (8am) 217.6

11/13 Consumed 1026 calories, fishing (99 burn), net 927, weight (10am) 216

11/14 Consumed 1125, burned 461 (yard work, bike, resistance bands) net 664 weight (10am) 215.6

11/15 Consumed 1026, burned 286 (bike and resistance bands) net 740 weight (8am) 216

11/16 Consumed 1081, burned 314 (bike and resistance bands) net 767 weight (8am) 216.6

11/17 Consumed 1860, no exercise so that is net for the day as well (bad day) weight 8am 217.6

weight as of 8am today 218

I drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day, the norm is more like 120-130 ounces. It is not my TOM either.

MyPlate on livestrong is public so you can see specifics if you want

My weekly losses so far look like this
-8.50 week 1
-3.30 week 2
-2.20 week 3
-1.40 week 4
+6.40 week 5 (my birthday, a week out of town at training and Halloween)
-6.80 week 6
-2.00 week 7

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4 days, honestly, isn't much of a fluctuation, nor does it mean there is anything wrong with your plan.

You could be retaining water from exercise or from hormonal fluctuations, you could be less regular than usual leading to a scale bounce, etc. You could have been eating more sodium or more carbohydrate, leading to water retention. There are just too many variables to worry about 4 days. You definitely aren't gaining fat on your calories, so this is water or waste.

So keep going, and I honestly wouldn't start worrying unless you continue gaining for a week or more. Our bodies blip around, that's just how it is.

I will say that there is no reason for your calories to be at the 1000 mark. 1200 is a better guarantee you'll get in all of your nutrition. Some postulate that going as low as you are will slow your metabolism down and make it harder to lose weight long term - plus, if you do stall in the future, where will you take your calorie level to bust through? You can't go any lower in a healthy way.
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I have to agree with Mandalinn. It can be SO frustrating to know you have been good, and see no drop on the scale, let alone a gain! I had close to the same thing in the last week. I had been 129, then I was 130..then 131. It bounced around between 130 and 131 all last week. I have NO idea why. Yesterday morning, I stepped on, and saw 128.6. almost 3 pounds dropped overnight. today it showed 128.4. While last week was frustrating as it can be ( I was almost in tears at one point, and ready to throw my scale out the window), but seeing that big instant (seemingly) drop was quite the rush. I dont see a lot of fluctuating like that. My weight loss has been ultra steady, with no plateaus at all for the entire 10 months since I made my change, but I do see it on occasion. I sympathize completely with the stress it is causing you, but, as mandalinn said, with those calorie levels, unless you live in a different physics bubble than the rest of us, you are not actually gaining weight.

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