Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default will I get loose skin?

Hi, first I'd just like to say that I'm sure there are a million topics about loose skin so sorry for making another one but there's just so many conflicting responses out there and I wanted to put some of my personal details into the question!
So I'm 18 years old, female, 5'9" and my weight has ranged between 140-210, but usually it's been around 170-180 or so in the last couple years. I'm currently at 168 and my goal weight is 130-120, which would be a 80-90lb loss from my highest weight and would take me from bmi of 31 to 18-19. I'm planning to lose about 2lbs per week. I've always been pretty active - I ride horse and run a lot and have been since middle school. Most of the weight gain came from binge eating, which I've mostly recovered from so I now eat pretty healthy and I also drink a ton of water. I'm wondering if I will get loose skin or not??? I'm really mostly worried about my inner thighs because the skin there feels really soft and different? When I pinch it it goes out a bit farther than my other skin but it isn't wrinkly or anything like the pictures I've seen of loose skin... Also I do have a lot of stretch marks and I've read that that is an indicator of poor skin elasticity.
I know it's really dumb to worry about this but I can't help it, I just don't want to lose all this weight and still be self-conscious about my body because of loose skin! Do you think I will have loose skin? Is there any way to get rid of it without surgery if I do get it? Thanks in advance for reading this, sorry it was so long and also I hope I put this in the right spot.
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I got this
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This being your first post, I'd recommend you to check this thread out. We all are a lot older than you though.

I'm gonna tell you exactly what I told another poster with a similar thread like yours.

There is nothing you can do about stretch marks, they are basically (battle) scars. Same with the skin, only time will tell (after you reach maintenance and stay there for a good period of time like 1-2 years or more, depending) and genetics is involved too. You cannot exercise the skin to make it shrink, only the muscles underneath which help the appearance somewhat.

Age may be on your side, the earlier you lose weight, the more chance your skin COULD (being the keyword) bounce back but it will do what it wants to do.

When you get older, you'll realize things like this is trivial and that there are more things to worry about. Good luck!
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While nobody can really say, I'll hazard a hopeful guess that: given your height (similar as mine) and high weight (also similar to mine) and youth (oh how I miss that!) I think you have a good chance of NOT having overly loose skin.

Heck, it can't hurt to have a positive attitude! So repeat after me: I won't have loose skin, I won't have loose skin, I won't have loose skin.

(and if I do I will accept my small, itty-bitty imperfections and love myself anyways!)

But the proof will be in the pudding, you won't know until you lose the weight.
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Originally Posted by annagetsfit View Post
Also I do have a lot of stretch marks and I've read that that is an indicator of poor skin elasticity.
I believe this is true. Your age is certainly on your side, though. You're also not all that overweight. Just hope for the best and expect the worst. You'll still look and feel fabulous at your lower weight, and surgery is always an option down the road.

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I've been chunky since I was a kid, overweight as a teenager into my 20's, and morbidly obese until I was 26. I have always hated my bat wings Suprisingly though since I started toning exercises a couple of months ago I see a noticeable improvement. Honestly I'm shocked because I never thought they'd look good.

Anyway....I'm on board with everyone else, you have your youth on your side and you are not significantly overweight. Getting healthy is the main goal though!
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I just posted some links to studies on DMAE and red LED light's effect on skin elasticity and collagen building on the Ideal Protein forum. These are two things proven to help, though they may not be enough - worth trying. DMAE lotion from Vitacost is inexpensive.
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