Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

View Poll Results: At a healthy BMI, would waist size have an impact on your self-image?
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Unhappy Thick Waisted

Okay, this actually wont be a self-loathing post. I'm pretty fine about my waist. I don't think it really effects me.

I've never been a body nit-picker, so the first time I heard of a small waist being ideal, I assumed it was just another thing to needlessly hate about yourself.

So I'm curious, where does this ideal come from? Is it just thought to be more "feminine"? (Frankly I find the notion bogus, but society disagrees.) Are you happy with your waist size? Is a small waist ideal to YOU? Why? I want to know!
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Too stubborn to quit.
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Women should have curves, in my opinion. That being said, I'd happily trade healthy for curvy. I'm currently way overweight, yet I'm constantly told I don't look near as big as I am - definitely pear-shaped. Small(er) waist, ginormous hips. I'd trade my curviness for health anyday. Immediately.

I don't think waist size/thinness SHOULD matter, but it does to most women.

Think back to the era of corsets. The tighter they were laced, the more attractive women were found. The term 'handspan' came (or so I've heard, please forgive me if I'm wrong) from a man being able to circle his hands, tips of his fingers and thumbs touching, around a womans waist. It was part of the idea of beauty. Unfortunately it hasn't changed much, from what I've seen/heard.

I think I'm beginning to ramble. I'm sorry.
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Biologically there is something behind the chest-waist-hip ratio that is appealing. Something to do with procreating... and all that jazz. I think we just over emphasize things like that as a culture. Also fat accumulated around the waist indicates internal visceral fat which can be very unhealthy. So in some regards smaller waist=healthier.

I've got a smaller waist (or large bust and hips if you want to look at it that way lol) and I enjoy it most of the time. My mother has a thicker waist and even though she is a size 2 she's always made comments about wishing she had a figure more like mine. Which I find so funny because I wish I could be as small as she is. My sister on the other hand has a 'bubble' butt that both of us wish we could trade in for our flat behinds. haha

It's too easy to find 'imperfections' with our bodies but I agree with the previous poster, I'd rather be healthy than curvy.
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I have a thick waist compared to pretty even shoulder/hip ratio, because that's where I carry my extra weight. Once I accepted that even if I lost all my extra weight I was never going to fit the 'ideal' hourglass, I realized I can still look and be healthy but that's just something I have to deal with.
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I have a thick waist (and huge muffin top) - and I think the importance is actually more heart health related Women shouldn't carry too much belly fat - I don't know all of the info on it but watched somethng on Dr Oz as well as The Doctors about it I think it said women should have waists smaller than 35". Mine was 21" when I was in college - and I thought I was horribly fat and refused to ever wear a bikini. What I wouldn't give to have that today. Right now I'd be happy with 30 to 34" - but I have a long way to go. Was 49" four weeks ago and today I'm 45" - so I'm on the right path! (when I say waist, I'm measuring around my belly button area, the largest part of my torso, not the natural waist line.)
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Staying the Same
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A small waist is ideal to me. I am built very small and do not have voluptuous boobs or butt. Thankfully I have one.

I think "handspan" is no longer ideal and most people, male and female, would find that weird. However, my boyfriend does get a lot of joy out of almost being able to handspan me, so maybe I'm too optimistic...
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I have a small waist compared to hips, but I'm still not in my "healthy" BMI and am not trying to be, so I can't really answer your question, But I think allowing any number to define us is stupid. We are all different and we don't all fit the same chart. We should never compare ourselves against others, just be the best YOU you can be
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Hi there!
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It's not a small waist per se, but rather a small waist in proportion to the hip measurements (and sometimes the bust). It comes from the evolutionary idea that men like bigger hips because it means the woman will be better able to bear children.

In general, I've found guys like bigger hips and small waist, proportionally. I don't think the actual inches matter so much as the waist to hip ratio.

But yeah, I do not have a small waist or wide hips (quite the opposite). I shrug it off. I can't exactly fix that, so whatever. Plus, I like my smaller hips and butt.

I'll never be a woman with a lot of curves, but as I get smaller, I don't miss them much (maybe b/c I never had them). I just want less fat on me.

I have to shop in the junior's section because they have smaller leg/butt/hip on the pants and wider waists.

Oh well.
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Back to Basics!
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I would have a smaller waistline right now at goal, if I had a tummy tuck and could sew the abs back together and get rid of excess skin. I can fake it enou by standing up tall and sucking in and flexing, it's not awful, but I could easily lose 2-3 inches from my actual waist, due to things I won't ever be able to fix non-surgically. That is often upsetting to me, but I simply don't have the money to pursue it, and because it looks fairly normal when standing and in clothes, I'm not sure it is worthit.

But, yes, I definitely expected that at a healthy bmi and good muscle definition, that I would have a tiny waist. But nope!
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I heard a saying that 'a good horse can't be a bad color'.

When I finally hit a healthy BMI, eating proper foods and getting regular exercise, my waist size will be what it is.

Whatever non-medical standards that people held way back when weren't 'female friendly'. So, ladies, we can perpetuate the artificial junk that's been handed down from dysfunctional generation to dysfunctional generation, or we can embrace health.
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There are biological reasons why a smaller waist is healthier for a woman than a large waist, so straight men and gay women in general have evolved to like that kind of figure. It's not a societal ideal, but a sexual ideal that exists independently of culture.

Personally, I'm not really hung up about any specific body parts—I want a smaller waist, but I also want smaller hips, thighs, breasts, and arms. My main worry is actually that my breasts won't shrink enough as I lose weight, because they cause me a lot of back pain and make it impossible to find clothes that fit.
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Leveling Up
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Waist size is probably a better indicator of health than BMI. I don't think we should go nuts trying to get that tiny "ideal" waist, but getting under that recommended amount (I think 35") is a good idea.

My waist is about 24" right now, but it's one of the LAST places I lose weight. So while there were times I wanted it to be smaller, I decided that once I got under that magic number that I was probably alright even if I didn't have a super tiny waist.

Towards the end of course, there wasn't much else from the fat to come from, so I had to lose it from there
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I've always had a thick waist but i've found as I've gotten in the better shape it has shifted a bit. It's still quite a sore spot for me BMI is very healthy (about 21-22) but because I of my thick waist I still don't feel great.
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Changing for the better
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I carry most of my weight in my stomach, I answered this question yes because if I lost my weight a still had a big belly for my size I would be upset. Ad far as wanting a certain size waist I have no preference. I just don't want to look pregnant.
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A smaller waist is ideal for me.
That's exactly what I'm working to achieve.
I have always had small arms/shoulders/hips/legs and literally carry EVERYTHING in my mid section.
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