Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Originally Posted by amynbebes View Post
I am not a 0 or 00, I range between 2 and 4 and I quite frankly am sick of the omg you've lost too much weight comments. I feel awesome but then you have these people come along and say, please tell me you're not losing any more weight or calling you miss skinny, etc. I never thought it would get on my nerves to be called skinny but I'm at the point that it does. But you're right, I feel like it will be a never ending battle.
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I've never really felt the need to be a size 0- I guess that may be because my sister has been one all her life and I know it's not as great as the popular media makes it seem. I've always preferred the look of a curvy woman (circa 1950's style).
I'd say that I've surpassed my own goals in the sense that I probably look exactly like how I imagined my ideal self to be when I was overweight.
It's just the little imperfections that get me from time to time- chubby face, pudgy belly, flabby arms. The sort of stuff that genetics hands down to you and, if you're smart, you'll accept that they will stay with you whether you're 90 lbs or 290 lbs, but if you're like me, you'll think losing a pound or two will fix it.
I'm getting to that size too- where people tell me I've lost too much weight. I know I'm getting there since I'm a ridiculous pear shape and any weight you'll see me lose will be from my upper body- which means my rib cage is now sticking out and my boobs are rapidly disappearing- but it's terribly difficult to look away from the number on the scale. I tried to switch to measurements and told myself to be happy with my extremely skinny waist but it is so tough to forsake the scale!

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It sounds like you're struggling with this a little, just reading between the lines of what you wrote.

"At this size you begin to blur the lines between healthy and well....not healthy."

I wonder if your struggle is physical vs emotional? Have you checked your thyroid/other possibilities? At such a low weight for your height (I'm not judging it, just saying it is what can be termed "low"), if you're eating a healthy amount the weight should not continue to come off. Have you checked your calorie count to make sure what you're eating is enough? And, if it is an emotional battle, maybe it stems from the desire to "achieve" and the feeling of success from pounds lost. Maybe that sense of achievement needs to come from something else?
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I hate the fact that people think it's okay to comment on your weight. Such a transformation is a very personal thing and other people saying your too big or too small, people are never satisfied.

I am curious as to the way people are treating you though, other men, women, co-workers etc. Are people more pleasant or rude?
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