If i loose weight, will my stretch marks go away?

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  • Maybe skin RF lazer treatment can heal a bit of stretch marks?
  • I've had stretch marks since I could remember, at least around 9 years old, I'm now 20 and I've lost about 70 pounds and the ones on my stomach are still pretty visible, but the ones on my arms have faded to a less noticeable colour. But, I think that's because they're old, as they're still clearly there.
  • I've had stretch marks since puberty, but this time I expect things to get worse since I've got over 100lbs to lose. The ones around the hips and upper thighs are already bad, but since I'm a middle aged woman not planning on wearing a bikini, I see them as part of my uniform.

    I'm using a coffee body cream on them which smells nice and moisturises the skin nicely.
  • Stretch marks are skin tears from being to heavy so no it wont go away.
  • Stretch marks can form after weightloss so a little chubby fat is okay. Do have nice healthy workout regime. It can be as such that you are active just as trainers are with pets! I mean just do not think about strecth marks all day and read about some best dog trainers as I feel they are the happiest people with little worry. Have a dog and go out for walk, be healthy and not worry for stretch marks : https://bit.ly/best-dog-trainers - it gives such an active lifestyle feeling. Pets do take away worry
  • mine didnt go away at all i tried with a different masks but unfortunately they didnt work
  • i have a lot of strech marks on my back and my shoulders they look like i did fight a bear or something lol
  • I know that stretch marks disappear only with laser or LED intervention or with different massages, not with losing weight. I have stretch marks too and I want to tatoo them )