Body Image and Issues after Weight Loss Including discussions about excess skin and reconstructive surgery

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Default Face Changes (?)

Okay, so I have a chubby face. Always have. But it's been slimmer, suprisingly. I'm curious to find out at what point did you start noticing changes in the way your face looks as a result of weight loss. 10lbs? 20? 50 even?
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Here we go again...
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I would guess that the face is the last place one gains weight...well for most people and myself. So it's the first place that loses weight. I started to see a slightly slimmer face, now after losing about 5-6 lbs. Not seeing too much of a difference elsewhere. That's going to take more work.
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I, too, have a very chubby face -- total chipmunk cheeks. My mom, who's very thin, has the same thing.

Still, I saw changes in my face after about 5 pounds, too. Now that I'm down 17, I see pretty big changes. My second chin is almost completely gone -- well, it is unless I push it down quite a ways, and I have definition under my cheekbones again -- which I haven't seen in a LONG, LONG time!!

It's fun!
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I had the very round moon face of prednisone. I started noticing a difference in my face after the first 5 lbs. After 30 lbs. the double chin was gone.
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Oh buddy, it's on!
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See, this is why I'm frustrated with my chubby face! I've lost (probably) a total of about 30lbs since I started this weightloss journey again and I really haven't noticed even the slightest change in my face.
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Katy ~ I didn't notice any change to my face until 30+ lbs. Now at 50 lbs, I have a few more wrinkles then I did when I was at this weight a few years ago. My double chin is finally almost gone. Thank goodness.
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My face and boobs are the first to go. Yay for one, booo to the other.

Everyone is different and changes to the face are a bit hard to see at first. Check out some of your pictures, you may be surprised.
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I think you are lucky! My double chin disappeared and I was left with a wrinkled chubby cheeks disappeared I was left with frown/smile lines...and lots of crow's feet! I'd rather the chub stayed in my face and left everywhere else. Of course judging from your pcture, you look 25-30 years younger than me

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I didn't notice any change in my face until I had lost approx 20lbs. In fact, I didn't notice any changes at all until I'd lost 16lbs. Then I just noticed that I needed to go bra shopping. Now the changes are easier to see with smaller pound losses. I think in the begining it's difficult to see the changes. Other people noticed them before I did.
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Unfortunately . . . I have to agree with Mel . . . and I'm even older . . . as the fat started to recede the wrinkles around the eyes came more to the forefront and after 50 + lbs, the double chins have simply changed to turkey wattles. And we do not want to even try to describe the boobs - poor little wizzened up things . . . too bad my waist isn't disappearing as quickly . . . at least those bags and wrinkles would be a little more hidden. BUT, would I trade for the 50 pounds back . . . NO WAY IN THE WORLD.
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On my way to 160!
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Mel and meowee...I'm in the same boat as you guys! (I'm 55 now with less-than-elastic skin!) I sure wish that I would have STAYED at my college weight of 145, then maybe I wouldn't look like a deflated balloon in my face! Maybe there are FACE exercises and NECK exercises we can do...

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I noticed my face get slimmer after losing 30lbs of fat and 7 lbs of boobs-I had breast reduction and immediately after surgery I noticed that not only did I have a collar bone and a neck but I also had a MUCH slimmer face. It was a great day, except for all the pain and the drainage tubes.
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I lost my double chin with my first 10 or so pounds. Still have chubby cheeks, but I kind of like them.
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Working My Way Back Down
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I agree. My face and neck are definitely wrinklier! But like meowee, I'll take the wrinkles over the pounds.
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Sleek and Fit. Finally.
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It's weird how different people gain weight differently in their faces. I'm one of those people who immeadiately gains weight in my face. If I get any heavier than I am no, I would have no chin to speak of.

It really bugs me because even if I'm not fat because my face latches onto the weight I'll always look somewhat chubby, and rarely photograph well.

I'm hoping that I'll notice a difference when I lose 10-15lbs. Hopefully I'll have less of a double chin. And a little bit of difinition in that area.
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