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Default Red Team Earning Exercise Challenge Part 2

Okay Red Team...we need to do some chores to earn our allowance this week!

I've got kids and they have each have reward charts, on those charts are a list of chores that need to be completed during the week in order for them to earn an allowance. What you need to do is this -

1. Make a list of "chores" one "chore" for each day of the week, we'll start on Monday since its short notice (Monday October 26 - Sunday November 2)

Here is an example of your chore list-
Monday - 30 minute walk
Tuesday - Last chance workout during TBL commercials
Wednesday - 45 minutes yoga
Thursday - 15 minutes on the elliptical
Friday - walk somewhere instead of driving
Saturday - weights
Sunday - Workout DVD

2. At the end of the week, when you've completed all your "chores" you will have earned your allowance. If you can make it through the week, you need to take go buy yourself something, doesn't have to be anything major just SOMETHING! A new book, a starbucks coffee, a new toe nail polish, a nice candle, a get the idea.

Can you make a list and stick to it for 7 days?

Post up your lists! Check those chores off as they are done! Then we want to know what you bought for yourself!
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S/C/G: 207.5/179/140

Height: 5'6


Tina's Chore List

Monday- Weights and cardio @ gym.....DONE
Tuesday- Cardio @ gym...............DONE
Wednesday- Weights and cardio @ gym.............DONE
Thursday- Cardio @ gym........DONE
Friday- Shred..................DONE
Saturday- Shred or gym...had to switch with Sunday
Sunday- Shred....DONE

My allowance.....Well I went out and bought a bunch of new stuff for my bedroom, so I knew I had to do Shred today to earn it So that was my allowance....BTW my room is looking beautiful

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S/C/G: 180/154.5/125

Height: 5 feet 2 inches


Isabella's Chore List
Monday: 45 minute circuit workout
Tuesday: 5k walk/jog, 5k exercise bike, 45 counter push-ups, 5 real push-ups
Wednesday:45 minute circuit workout
Thursday:5k walk/jog, 5k exercise bike, 45 counter push-ups, 5 real push-ups
Friday:45 minute circuit workout
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday:5k walk/jog, 5k exercise bike, 45 counter push-ups, 5 real push-ups

All done now to find some time to go shopping by myself!

Allowance Reward
: Shopping trip by myself

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Mandey - Unoffical RED
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S/C/G: Year 2010: 149.8/145/130

Height: 5'6"


Mandey's Chore List

Monday: lift weights (at least 5 minutes) - DONE! 5 minutes with set of 5# dumbbells: 30 bicep curls, 30 ticep kickbacks, 20 french presses, 30 back rows, 20 overhead presses, 10 lateral raises.

Tuesday: 15 minutes of cardio - MISSED

Wednesday: lift weights (at least 5 minutes) - DONE! 5 minutes with set of 5# dumbbells: 30 bicep curls, 20 tricep kickbacks, 20 french presses, 20 back rows, 20 overhead presses, 10 lateral raises.

Thursday: 10 minutes of cardio - DONE!

Friday: walk at least 1 mile during trick or treating - Walked .8 miles in 45 minutes

Saturday: 5 minutes of ball exercises and 15 minutes of Wii Sports - DONE!

Sunday: 10 minutes of playing with the family playing the Wii Sports - DONE!

Allowance: jeans/pants for me that fit

Days Done: 6/7 (1 Day Missed)
Time Done: ALOT/50 Minutes plus .8/1 Mile

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Height: 5'6"


Monte's Chore List

Monday: 60 mins walking *Done*
Tuesday: 60 mins walking *not done*
Wednesday: 60 mins walking *30 mins done*
Thursday: 60 mins walking *not done*
Friday: 60 mins walking *not done*
Saturday: 60 mins walking + 25 pushups & 50 situps *Done*
Sunday: 60 mins walking *Done*

Allowance: New Bodywash

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Kelly's Chore List - (after last weeks big pile of sucky not completing, I'm going to try again)
Monday- Cardio at the gym
Tuesday- light weights and step aerobics at home during the biggest loser
Wednesday- Cardio at the gym
Thursday- walking at the dog park, light weights at home while I watch something on the boob-tube
Friday- Cardio at the gym
Saturday- This Saturday I am going to TRY to get to the gym but given what is going on this Saturday, it may not happen, however, I think I will be getting plenty of ACTIVITY in this day if not exercise...of course there will be food EVERYWHERE! I have the New Hope Cattle Dog Roundup (an event that the dog rescue group I work with has for all the foster families, volunteers and adopters past and present - we're looking at 70+ humans and around 40 dogs that have RSVP'ed and who knows how many who haven't!) and this is followed by a yearly Halloween Party with folks from my hubby's dojo. Does this sound like excuses? It does to me too...shoot. Let's see, I don't have to be to the roundup until 0900...I guess I'll be going to the gym early!! I WILL do it!
Sunday - Cardio/lifting at the gym

My allowance...same book from last week that I didn't earn
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I believe in myself
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Height: 5'8


Cool, just what I need!!




Sunday- got in 2- 45 minute walks!! So I got in 30 over my goal for this day!

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Height: 5'7


Kelleigh's Chore List

Monday tm 30 minutes
Tuesday tm 30 minutes
Wednesday Wii Fit 30 minutes
Thursday tm 30 minutes
Friday tm 30 minutes
Saturday tm 30 minutes
Sunday tm 30 minutes

May vary according to schedules. At least 30 minutes everyday though.
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Okay. so I rocked this challenge last week and met all my goals. I still need to pay myself with that movie. I am waiting for my DD to be available so she can go with me.

Mon. Shred level 1 and 20 min. WATP Done
Tues. BL Cardio Level 1&2 We actually did 1 mile WATP and 30 min. of kickboxing
Wed. Shred level 1 and 20 min. WATP 25 min. of Tae Bo and 15 min. WATP
Thurs. BL Cardio Level 1&2 Did level 1 only. We were worn out from yesterday's workout.
Friday Shred level 1 and 20 min. WATP missed it
Sat. 3 mile walk/jog Did it
Sunday 3 mile walk/jog Did 3 mile WATP

Allowance- Maybe a new CD I bought 2 new books instead

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I rocked this last week too! I just finished dying my hair

So here's my Chore list for this week - EVERYDAY MIN of 200 calories burned through exercise (or enough to be at my 1200 net calories if I go over 1400 cals of intake) This equals out to be about 30 mins/day.

Monday - DONE
Tuesday - DONE
Wednesday - DONE
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -

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Here we go again--Yaay! I'm totally up for it!

Mon 10/27: general gym 1 hour--DONE
Tues 10/28: swim 1 hour--actually 1 hr. 20 min. 2600 yards--DONE!
Wed 10/29: 5k outside--changed to swim for one hour, 2150 yards--DONE!
Thurs 10/30: general gym 1 hour--actually did general strength training with tm sprints--75 minutes--DONE
Fri 10/31: 5k or spin class--actually general gym 1 hour, yoga 1 hour--DONE!
Sat 11/1: general gym 1 hour--Actually worked hard on home remodel project, and quick run 20 minutes--DONE
Sun 11/2: swim 1 hour

Reward: A Book!

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Andi's chores:

Monday: 60 minutes at the gym ~ Done ~ 1.5 hours at the gym
Tuesday: 60 minutes at the gym ~ Done ~ 1 hour at the gym
Wednesday: 30 minutes at the gym ~ Done ~ 1 hour at the gym
Thursday: 60 minutes at the gym ~ Done ~ 1 hour boot camp with Marty
Friday: 30 minutes walking - Taking DS trick or treating ~ Done ~ 30 minutes walking
Saturday: 60 minutes at the gym ~ 0 ~ Not Done
Sunday: 60 minutes at the gym ~ Done ~ 2 hours at the gym

allowance: TBD

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Height: 5'6"


Monday: Walk 30 mins at lunch--DID 31
Tuesday: Walk 30 mins at lunch--
Wednesday: Walk 30 mins at lunch--
Thursday: Walk 30 mins at lunch--
Friday: Walk 30 mins at lunch--
Saturday: Something for 30 mins--
Sunday: Walk around Julian--

Allowance: Not sure yet
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Height: 173cm


Ruth's Chores List

MONDAY - Work - 14 hours. Yes.

TUESDAY - Work - 14 hours. Strength training (squats, lunges, calf raises, pushups). Yes.

WEDNESDAY - C25K - Week 6 Day 1.

THURSDAY - C25K - Week 6 Day 2.

FRIDAY - Work - 14 hours. Strength training (squats, lunges, calf raises, pushups).

SATURDAY - C25K - Week 6 Day 3.

SUNDAY - Bike ride - to Nudgee Beach and back.
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