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While on the actual show, being the Biggest Loser is mostly about the money. (just being honest! ) Yes, these people go on the campus cause they are overweight and need the trainers help to get them back into shape because they can't do it alone. But because it is a game and money is offered, it's not so much about being the Biggest Loser as it is getting a lot of cash.

The challenges on the 3FC forums are not for money, nor do you get a real life huge party at the end of the challenges. We don't film your every move for 4 months or force you to make alliances with people.

Here at 3FC, we make this challenge so people can make the honest attempt at what the show really is designed for. To lose weight while gaining the support of your team. While we may not have trainers, we have excellent team leaders and team members that make this challenge what it is.

With that being said, this challenge is going to be all that you as an individual make it to be for yourself. If you participate in the team chats, you not only gain information, but new friends and more support than you think.

All of the team leaders discussed and decided that in order to award the Biggest Loser title, whether by team weekly biggest losers or the overall title winner, that you must participate in the team chats. We understand that people have busy lives and can't be on this forum at all times. However, it is very obvious when you participate that you're opinion and presence is valued.

So, in order to receive the Biggest Loser title, you need to participate in team chats at minimum once a week. Participation does not require personals, but your participation needs to include an update on you and what's going on with your plan and your world. Feel free to throw in a little support for someone else.

If for some reason you can't make it to the chats one week and you have been participating, don't sweat it. Trust me when I say that people notice who is and isn't being a part of the team.

This all may seem a little extreme to some people because it is just a title in some people's eyes. But to the team leaders that invest time, personal or professional, into this challenge, it's much more than that. Surely anyone can respect that.

So the rule is simple. Participate, enjoy yourself and don't just think of this challenge as just posting a number every week.
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