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Default Help! Dont know where to start.

My name is Tia, and I have done the Atkins diet in the past and lost over 100 pounds. I honestly could not remember what I did or how I did it. But here I am trying again.

I started dieting two months ago and the counting calories thing does not work for me, so I thought I would try Atkins again. I feel like when I did it in the past it was much more simpler, and it was a "if you want to lose weight do this, that and don't do this." For some reason I cannot rap my head around where to start, what to eat, am I eating to much or am I eating to little.

So put together a menu that I was hoping to get everyone's input on, that I will do for the first two weeks. And any other suggestions that everyone has would be greatly appreciated. I currently weigh 220 and that has fluctuated up and down for the past 4 weeks.

Breakfast: (2) hard broiled, and (4) strips of bacon, coffee with creamer (not a lot of creamer, I actually like to taste the coffee).
Snack 1: (1) Celery Stalk with cream cheese
Lunch: (2) cups greens with Ranch dressing, and half and avocado. With either Boneless/skinless chicken, Albacore Tuna, or baked pork chop
Snack 2: (1) Cheddar Cheese Sticks or (1) string cheese
Dinner: (2) fried eggs and (1) hamburger pattie with a slice of cheddar cheese and either green beans or bell peppers.

If a need for something sweet comes up I will have a sugar free jello with whip cream. And do my best to consume 4-6 16oz bottles of water a day.

Also if anyone has attempted to diet while quitting smoking have any tips they would be appreciated also.
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Hi Tia. Your plans look good. How is it going? I am just getting back started today. I have about 50-60 lbs to lose. We can do this!
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It looks good and on that note I would also look into low carb protein powder to make a shake for something sweet. I found doing Atkins I crave chocolate more and I was never a chocolate person before. Also don't forget pork rinds are legal for those times when a potato chips sub. Another thought and I do this is I track my food with the Atkins app on my phone and there are tons of recipes to go by. Don't want to get bored but you do have to plan meals. BTW most places if you order a burger without a bun have to ask for the condiments go figure?
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