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Default i have a question

i am going on cruise end of april and want to be solidly in phase two before then but i need to lose 75lbs and want to stay on induction a bit. how long should i give myself to get used to phase 2. also, how do you ease into phase to when time comes.honestly i've started atkins numerous time but never tried phase 2 cause quite honestly it scares me to add more carbs.
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I'm not on Atkins. The only similar diet I've done is Dukan. I do not have inside knowledge for you.

But what I can tell you is you're awesome, and you're going to be fine. Follow your plan and if you can avoid changing it because of the cruise, then avoid it. But if you won't enjoy your cruise because of it, then alter it for the cruise. You can always go back to square one to get back on track, and depending how long your cruise is I bet you won't be too far off track.

Best wishes! And keep up the awesome work!
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I'm doing an extended induction and I cruise in February and right now I'm planning on staying in induction even while cruising.
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You might want to give yourself at least a couple weeks to get used to allocating your adjusted carbs. I went on two cruises last year. There's such a variety of food that you should be fine if you plan well. Just be picky about what you spend your carbs on. You can always tighten your belt and go back on induction when you get back.
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OWL (On Going Weight Loss) or Phase 2 of Atkins gradually adds more carbs to your eating to ultimately determine your CCLL (Critical Carbohydrate Losing Level). To do this correctly, as Dr. Atkins wrote it, reading the book is not optional but, most definitely required.

Phase 2 begins with adding 5 grams of carbs more of vegetables & salad. This should be done 3-4 times a week. For example:
Monday - Induction carbs + 5 net carbs veggies
Tuesday - Induction carbs only
Wednesday - Induction carbs + 5 net carbs veggies
Thursday - Induction carbs only
Friday - Induction carbs + 5 net carbs veggies
Saturday - Induction carbs only
On Sunday, re-evaluate your weight loss. Have you been continuing to lose? If you have, week 2, do what you did week 1 but, instead of only 3-4 times a week, do it everyday. On the weekend, check your weight loss. If you are continuing to lose, begun adding 5 additional carbs from the next rung of the carb ladder.

Carb Ladder:
Rung #1 - More Vegetables & Salad
Rung #2 - Fresh Cheese (as well as more aged cheese)
Rung #3 - Nuts & Seeds
Rung #4 - Berries, then Melons
Rung #5 - Dry Wine and other spirits low in carbs
Rung # 6 - Legumes
Rung # 7 - Other Fruits (the book outlines this beginning with those lowest in sugar)
Rung # 8 - Starchy Vegetables
Rung # 9 - Whole grains

Your CCLL is highly individual. As you slowly progress up the carb ladder be very mindful of what you are eating and if you are still continuing to lose. If you aren't losing, decrease your carb level by 5 carbs. That is your personal CCLL. If you wish to continue losing weight, do not exceed your CCLL. If you are a slow loser, you may need to stay at a particular rung of the carb ladder longer.

If, as you stated, you have a lot of weight to lose and want to extend Induction, that is perfectly acceptable. Dr. Atkins advised if you are not bored by the food choices during Induction, you can stay in that phase until you are 20 lbs. from your goal.

This is just a summary. As I said, to do this successfully, reading the book cover to cover is a must.

I hope this helps.

Enjoy your cruise!
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I just came back from my cruise. Stayed totally on induction and was fine. Took the stairs a lot and snorkled two days. Only gained 1.2 lbs during the whole week but after one day I'm already back down.
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