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Default Kick Me

I don't know what my problem is. I was doing good--had a good 10 pounds gone since the beginning of the year....and what'd I do? Popped off the wagon AGAIN! I can't seem to stick to this WOE...though I KNOW it's what is healthy for me. My husband has gone gluten free and lost LOTS of weight. I need to get healthy! Not just for him & the girls...but mostly for myself. Soo....anyone have advice and anyone ready to kick my butt to keep me on track?
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I wish I could, I've been there. Eventually, it will click for you. It's all from within. I don't think it's something that can be forced. When you're ready, it will work. In the meantime, try to make healthy choices. I wish you well!
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Brenda - Don't beat yourself up!! I've been where you are (many times!!) and it is a struggle. Just take it one meal/snack at a time to get back on the wagon!! I LOVE carbs and I LOVE to eat but now I'm trying to replace old habits with new ones - like more water and walking. It's hard when you have to prepare food for your family and know you won't be eating some of it like the rice pilaf and banana bread I made yesterday for my family. Be kind to yourself - you can do it!!!!!
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Sue finding inner song
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Hello Brenda.....

Gosh life happens and stress happens.... But if you are ready (inside) then just start.... start.... I would start writing your food down in a journal, pack the refrig with the "plan" food and try and toss the off plan stuff. Just tell yourself every morning that you are going to do it today. Just today. Tomorrow is not here yet. Sometimes taking just 1 day at a time and keeping it that way turns it into a habit ))) We have faith in you!
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Losing the baby weight
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I've fallen off the wagon many times! It's taken me over a year to get where I am. If I didn't fall off so many times I'd probably be at goal by now.

The important part is getting back up and going again. Never letting yourself fall all the way back.

The way I stop myself from completely going off is by allowing myself to eat more carbs and OWL appropriate foods. I've done induction on and off for so long I needed that change. I also allow myself one cheat meal every two weeks. Now that I have that meal to look forward to it helps me keep focused until then. But not everyone can do that, I know I've had times where I've abused the cheat meal by turning it into a whole day of bad food.

Just keep going and do what you can! You will get their more slowly if you keep going back to old habits, but you will get there eventually as long as you focus on healthy eating. Eventually it will become habit and you won't want to cheat as much
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