3FC Meetup??

  • Just a suggestion...

    How come we have never had an actual 3FC meet up? It would be so inspiring to actually meet the people that have helped me and others change our life. I would want to kiss all of you!!!
  • OMG i totally agree. Maybe one in each state if everyone cant meet in one. that way every one wherever they are can go.
  • I agree, this would be awesome!
  • We've done this before on another site I'm on but on a small scale. About a dozen or so met up in NYC for an Autism Walk. It's a lot of fun.
  • Wow, that's a really great idea.
  • Hey, I would love to do this! Let's put our heads together and figure it out!
  • It takes a lot of work and energy to form a meetup but members are free to do so I'd suggest starting a thread in general chatter, try to pick a location and remember that you can't please everyone on location/dates.