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Wow, I didn't realise how long ago I last came on here. OOPS!
Well, I FINALLY got my 4st this week. Thank god! Overall loss now of 4 stone and half a pound... must include that half pound! (Cause I lost some, gained some, lost some... Grr!)

I am going to Sweden in August-I am determined to get on that plane and not have to ask for a seat belt extender!

But, I am absolutely amazed just how far I can walk now without feeling discomfort or shortness of breath! YIPPPEE!
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Slow and steady
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Well done HM.... don't leave it so long before you pop in and see us again

Michelle, that's so awful about your bunny. I've seen a fox here, never seen one before, we have coyote's too, so they say to watch your dogs outside. Glad the fish is a survivor though. I used to have a godfish, his name was Charles, he was in a little tank on a low table in my room and one day I came home to find him on the floor with my dog Rum trying to eat him, he had already whipped his tail off, I thought he was a gonner and put him back in his tank and he lived for another four years, he ended up being 12 and his tail grew back too...amazing what can happen to different animals, fish etc.

I have been a chinese laundry today, got all the bedding out on the line first thing and then ploughed through numerous loads that had somehow accumalated since Weds... honestly, i don't know where it all comes from. I'm now doing the lat two loads which are towels and it's supposed to be nice again tomorrow so I'll wait and hang them out to dry. I hate using the dryer...hardly ever had to in AZ

I had a lovely turkey burger for dinner tonight with a nice salad, the burger was really tasted and I was shocked to find out it had 18 grams of fat in it! I shan't be eating one of those again.

Helen, well done on that 19 miles, you are a star. Hope you enjoyed your well earned rest.

Right, well it's time for a little sit down and watch some telly... hope you're all having a great weekend.
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Good morning everyone

Fishy is doing fine thank god. Couldn't get Kerry into the shed last night we were still trying at 2am this morning. Me with vodka in me from the Elvis night and hubby all sober. He had tried before I got in as well. Anyway she is fine.

The Elvis night was so good. Your man was dressed as an American GI first and he looked so handsome then he had a break and came back with a black wig leather trousers and black shirt not such a good look. We were all singing and didn't he pull me onto the stage and sing the Wonder of You to me oh it was just so funny, and of course because by then I'd had a few vodkas in me I could really into the swing of things. Came in and opened an olive and feta cheese salad I'd bought that day and then had a toasted bagel with Lurpak weighed myself this morning and found I am down a pound how weird.

I've woken to a beautiful day though. The big fella has gone to footie with his father and the little fella has friends round.

Hommersmummy lovely to see you again and Chris is right you bold girl don't leave it as long before you come and say hello. You are doing so fantastically well that airplane seat will be no bother to you.

I'm about to wash bedding Chris the big fella's room is just gross. I think I may have to tidy it myself. He lives in squalor I told him this morning if he didn't sort it as soon as he gets back from footie he could say goodbye to SKY Plus ( a tv package).

I didn't wear the brown top last night it was just too low I put a pin in it but that ruined the way it hung, so I am going to buy a tight cream strappy vest to put under it.

This time next week I shall be sat here eating choccy Lent will be over.

Right I must shift myself.

Have a restful Sunday everyone

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Talking April Chick Chat

New April thread started by me but have have copied today's post from March thread to April one. just to confuse everyone.

Well done HM.

Blimey it's the third day of sunshine here.

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Congrats HM!

I'm new to this forum, having hardly posted, so sorry if it takes a while before I'm up to speed. Hi though!
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One pound at a time.
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Veggie is this just to confuse everyone cos it's April Fools Day?

Good to see you back posting Homersmummy. Congrats on the 4 stone. Try carrying that upstairs in bags of sugar and you will see how successful you've been.
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Calorie Killer!
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Hooray for April!!! Gonna enjoy my Easter and then its POW straight back on dieting wagon cos I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If it's April that means it will be May soon

This month will be interesting, it will be the first time my mum has visited when I've been openly marathon training (last year I kept it v. quiet until after the event) and going to running club, so I'm not sure how she'll react to me going off for hours to run. I've always tried to scale back a bit when she's here to spend some time with her, but I think now she realises how serious I am about this I might get away with some longer runs. We're also off to Cologne for Easter, and there's a chocolate museum, so there might just be some easter related chocolate eating. And German cakes. Mmmmmm. German cakes. I've also got a "drinking" night out planned with some of my old friends, and I don't know how I'll cope with that. I'll probably be lying under the table by 8pm!

I'm just rambling because I've done nothing too exciting today. Went to the rugby, did some cooking. No running after yesterday's long run, and probably an early night tonight ready for the week ahead.
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Yay, I lost another two pounds this week! Am gonna try and lay off the wine this week (except for my night out on Friday!) and hopefully will lose a bit more next
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Well done HM!

Mich - sorry about your bunny. Perhaps Kerry needs a friend now?

Helen - well done on 19 miles you Duracell Bunny!

Well I had a pretty nice weekend - Did our grading on Saturday morning, some kids really impressed me. Then I got home and DH had gone out So I followed him on the bike! We spent the afternoon in Watford with them playing Chelsea - it was amusing trying to find a pub that didn't have sport on! Then we went to the wedding and it was really fun! I had a great time and ate plenty of lovely fruit cake With SOFT icing just like we wanted ours to be But I ate enough to make up for our cake being cwap!

Yesterday we went for a nice little walk and to Tesco. The house is absolutely stuffed to bursting with food! We got a delivery on Tuesday and then we went yesterday to get apples and bread but ended up spending £50 on all sorts!

I got my Beyond Chocolate book that I ordered on Friday from Amazon - it came on Saturday and that was with the free postage! Anyway, so I read that for the rest of the afternoon, and had a nap, then I made bangers and horseradish mash for tea I also made a silly sweet potato custard thing. It was a bit terrible, but I think it was me... I thought it served one, so I doubled the recipe, but I only doubled the sweet potato bit and the bananas and milk. I forgot to double the sugar and eggs, so it's a bit wierd and not very sweet but it's edible! I'm not sure I'll make it again! I'd rather have an ordinary egg custard. Anyway, I saw after I made the thing that the recipe served 6

OMG I'm such an idiot! We went out and bought all that food and we're away all weekend Well we'll just have to get eating! I'm sure it'll be fine!
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aka Superwoman!
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S/C/G: SW:226/16st - about 50lbs lost

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What a nice day it was on SUnday, wasn't it? Originally our book club was going to be in a park but at the last minute was in someone's house. We will go to the path at a later date. Iarrived there hot and sticky cos I had been shopping like a demon! I have discovered 'Peacocks' in Shepherds Bush and got some bargains there inlcuding some really comfy brown trainers down the £12 to £8, plus a couple of smock tops too and a nice t shirt.

We have just finished reading NIghtwatch by Sarah Walters and are now onto 'A thousand years of good prayers' - Yiyun Li. I had already read both books on holiday so am ahead of myself.

The hostess had got some lovely bunny biscuits from Asda- I had to have 2. Although I had had a decent lunch at 12 (veggie lasagne and salad) I certainly did justice to our 3pm meal (salad, nibbles, quiche, lemon tort etc).
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spending time aimlessly
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Originally Posted by peacock 2 View Post
What a nice day it was on SUnday, wasn't it?
It was gorgeous here
We went for a wander round the local lanes for a couple of hours and spring is well and truly here!

Spoiled it a bit when we got back and I ate a bag of parsnip chips - but we won't speak of that. It's a new week and I've got a good feeling about it!
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I had a fairly good weekend, a few slipups but nothing major.

I have a doc appt this morning and I swear my body knows it, the last time I went and today the scale has hit these weird lows. There is no reason for it, but I'll take it

Got nothing done this weekend, I had obligations all day Saturday, then yesterday my friend with the 3 kids 2 and under needed some help so I was there all day. I was so exhausted I don't know how she does it. I didn't even run, I came home and watched a movie.

Gray and rainy this morning but doesn't seem too cold which is nice, have a great day all.
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I cringed at Vanessa Feltz on wife swap and hid behind a cushion when Louis Theroux interviewed that 'Most hated family' the ones who demo when soldiers are being buried in USA saying god hates USA cos the USA supports homosexuals. Apparently, family members than no longer joing their church are "Going to ****".
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