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I think i would be scared i wouldnt listen and i would just keep going until all of the food was off of my plate. But i guess if you eat slowly and listen to your body, it could work.
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Is there anyone out there currently doing Intuitive Eating? How is it working for you?

It was going great for me until I started thinking it was ok to eat while watching TV (Hey, where the heck did the rest of my pizza go?) I think it is impossible to "check in" with your fullness while watching a really cool DVD.

But I am thinking of getting back into it. I have noticed that while I think Medifast works, I am bingeing and purging while on it = not good at all. Guess it's true what they say about "No Dieting" if you have bulimia - dang it, they are onto something!

It's tough because there is such a massive temptation for me to lose the weight, NOW, and sooner than now if possible. Urgh! Where is my patience?

But what I really want is to get off the roller coaster of diet, binge, purge. Going with deep listening to my body and what it really wants to eat sounds good. I want the long-term solution. I want it to stick. One pound a week is ok if I can keep it off. Sure, on Medifast, I lost 3 pounds a week, but if I was bingeing every week, this does not bode well for Maintenance!

So I focused on my body's intuitive feelings today... and went to the grocery, hungry even, and bought for the weekend: shredded wheat biscuits, blackberries, a nectarine, some organic bananas, oyster crackers, veggie soup... and for dinner: a romaine salad with grilled chicken and a bit of gorgonzola, toasted walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Had the salad tonight at the dining room table, with a pretty candle softly burning, and just ate. Did not read, open mail, surf the web. Just concentrated on the taste of food.

I'd forgotten how great walnuts are

Did not have the mocha almond gelatto in the freezer. Not tempted for even a sample of the full pint.

Good sign?

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