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sflake 09-09-2003 08:30 AM

I just might check it out as I could use a little serenity :D

Lidian 09-10-2003 11:28 AM

Ran again today, 25 minutes. With walking breaks. It was a little warmer than I like for running but it was OK!

Ellis, my orthotics are $15 from Shoppers Drug Mart! Can't remember the name, not Scholl's, though am going to get some of those too...they are great though!


ellis 09-10-2003 12:04 PM

15 bucks, huh? I had to go to a foot specialist and get 300 dollar ones. With 200 dollar running shoes. :D Fortunately all paid for by insurance.
Maybe I'll check out the 15 dollar ones... thanks, Lidian. I had terrible heel spurs. From gaining 80 pounds while pregnant. They've pretty much "healed" now.

ellis 09-10-2003 12:30 PM

Oh, I forgot to mention... I did a half hour weight workout this morning. :)

Wildfire 09-10-2003 08:03 PM

I walked today. TWICE. :yes:

Half an hour at lunch, then 2 miles on the treadmill while supper was in the oven.

I need to get a pedometer.

chervata 09-10-2003 09:39 PM

I can only count mowing the lawn, sweeping the walks and around the pool (I can never get the &*%@ leaf blower to start). and changing all the pool filters, hosing them off, and skimming for grass in it. Whew. FEELS like a workout! :p

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