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Default Losing weight to crowd surf.

This may sound strange, but one huge motivation to lose weight is I want to be able to crowd surf. So I'm making my goal whatever weight I need to be at to do that. So at my height of 5'3, what weight should I get to?
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Good question!

I'd never really thought about the guys passing overhead at a concert, usually just concerned with keeping an eye (and an elbow) aimed at the pit. Maybe 175?

We've got Warbringer coming in a couple weeks, I'll pay a bit more attention and see who goes shoes over shoulders at the show

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I think this way: whatever makes you lose weight is good.
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Don't internalize it too much. People get dropped all the time for the dumbest reasons. I've seen wheelchairs go up but then a girl get dropped because no one is paying attention. I think it's more about when you do it than how much you weigh. Do it when there are a lot of others going so everyone is paying attention and in the routine. And launch with some big guys and not near "those girls."

With that said, people can be really mean to girls that are overweight, simply refusing to keep them going rather than unable to keep them going. It happens and those people are jerks. I don't think there is a specific weight limit but I would think anything under 200 won't get dropped too often, for weight anyway.

Mostly - you do you. The show is to let go of this crap and feel the music. Crowd surfing is fun, but it's not everything.
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