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Default Rib tattoo

Hey guys,

I have about 30lb to lose and am considering a rib tattoo.
I have read that it is one of the most painful areas to get tattooed as it is right over bones.

For that reason I am considering getting it done now while I have some amount of fat over my ribs, but I am concerned that the tattoo will shrink or look deformed when I lose the weight? Has anyone any advice?
It might be worth mentioning that I am a pear shape and don't have much fat over my ribs anyway. It is all on my lower half.

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You know, one of mine is on my ribs, and I got it at my lowest weight...and it really didn't hurt that bad. I guess that was fairly atypical because my artist kept commenting on it, but I settled into it pretty quickly.

The other one is on my low-middle back...definitely supposed to be a less painful spot, but honestly, it was WAAAAAY worse pain wise. Maybe it was the amount of time it took to do.

And since showing off ink is fun...

This is the rib one (right after it was done...thus the angry red in the streak of stars...):

And here's my back:

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Got a 8+ hour rib tattoo at a weight of ~120. Wasn't too bad at all! I mean, more than a tickle obviously, but really, it wasn't like everyone said it was going to be.

It's a giant hawk. Now that I've put my usual 30lbs back on, and because the hawk's stomach is right on my love handle, I joke that now he looks like a chicken (since my love handle makes JUST his body look fatter).

Like mandalinnn, I have a back piece (mine was 10 hours or so) and when they were tattooing over my kidneys, I thought I was actually going to die.

I would get it done when you're at the weight you plan on being.
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I love your back tattoo! The colors are so vibrant!
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