Mini goals - July

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  • Enjoy yourself at your "Taste of Buffalo" Squeak!

    What kind of food do they have there?

    "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we diet!"
    (variation on a Shakeperean theme but more suitable for us )

    So far I have stayed OP for the week and had water and exercised each day. I am enjoying 1 beer with dinner tonight though -weekend treat
  • Had Vietnamese food for lunch and chinese food for dinner. Did as well as I could under the circumstances.....(burp!)...didn't eat the rice, tried not to eat too much of the sauce. Mostly ate meat and veggies.
  • Mmmmm.... Taste of Buffalo is a wonderful thing. It is a 2 day event where you stuff yourself silly. They have about 50 different restaurants setup, and offer sample sizes (but not always all that small) of 3 different dishes. The items cost anywhere between $0.50 - $3.00.
    Restaurant Guide

    Some of my favorites are Roast Beef, Chruscikis (light pastry dough covered in powdered sugar - it's a Polish dessert - I think), Potato Pancakes, Garlic Pan Bread and Souvlaki.
  • So what are everyone's goals for this week?

    Mine are:
    Stay OP on the weekends
    Drink my water
    Take the stairs down at work when I leave for lunch (14 flights)
  • Mine are:
    Drink my water
    Keep journaling
    Keep pedometering
    If I'm going to cheat, to eat ALLOWED foods (NOT that I'm going to cheat. no no...)
    To get to the gym at least twice this week
  • And mine are:

    start the food diary again;

    and the pedometer again (my step counts were SO pathetic in England that I stopped);

    drink loads of water;

    and throw out the chocolate chips I found today! (& some other stuff too, like Wheat Thins)

  • My mini-goals are:

    To really try to work out the points for my food, and stay within range.

    Keep journaling

    Drink my water (Crystal Light)

    Walk at least 4 times a week

    Do my tai chi tape at least once a week

    My ultamite real goal - and I guess this is as good of a place as any to post -

    I want to put on shorts or pants without struggling to get them up past my thighs and butt!!!!