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Thumbs down Reaching Our Next Mini Goals

Mini goals are a wonderful way to stay focused on the big picture without being overwhelmed. While I've always had a problem meeting my goal date, they still helped me stay focused and determined.

When is you're next goal set for? Are you going to make it or do you need to get you're booty in motion?

My next mini goal is set for Memorials Day, I am aiming for 199. 16 lbs away, with only 4.5 weeks to go, it's going to be tough. I will try my hardest to get as close as possible. Even if I lost half that amount, I will succeed.

What about you?
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Thumbs down Mini goals

Hey Jenniffer!
Boy, what I wouldnt give to say MY next mini goal is 199! But we wont go there! If you dont mind me asking, what weight did you start out at? Have you been at this long?? I have lost 42.6 pounds but I started in Jan 2001. I lost 30 or so and that was it. I maintained it for 9 months or so before trying to start to lose more. I am just proud to have not gained it all back like I have done before. So even if it takes forever (or seems that way) atleast it is staying off!!

With that said my next mini goals are:
Mothers day-268 (45 pounds)
Bermuda cruise-June 12th--260 (53 pounds)

I am feeling so confident right now! I know I can do it!
good luck!

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I have 1 mini goal right now, and a long term goal that I'm excited about.

Mini-goal - 267.3 lbs by mother's day
Long term goal - Mt. Major Challenge with Dad... 3.5 mile climb. (Exercise goal!)
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My mini goal would have to be loosing 10 lbs by the 16th of May. I would also like to be down a total of 20 lbs for a wedding I have to attend at the end of June.


280/276.75/150 2.25lbs lost

Mini goal 270 by 5/16/02

Mini goal 260 by 6/29/02
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Sweating the pounds off
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Height: 5'6 ... I'm shrinking vertically when I'd rather shrink horizontally.


Hello everyone!

Let's see ... I'd LOVE to see 225 by Memorial Day Weekend. (We're going on a mini-vacation to relatives we haven't visited in a while.) That's 14 lbs but if I stick with it, I just might be able to sneak on in there!

Maybe this is a mini-goal, or maybe a big one ... haven't figured this out yet ... BUT ... I'd love to start jogging. I've started walking a mile to a mile and a 1/2 a day and I've ALWAYS wanted to jog. I just feel so big and uncoordinated now that I don't know if it's possible. My wonderful DH gave me a great idea though ... when I'm almost home from my daily walk, jog the last 20 feet or so. Then try 30 feet the next day, and so on. So I think tomorrow I'm going to try it!

And a mini/major goal: to be under 200lbs by my husband's 20 year reunion in August.

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It's been so long...
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S/C/G: 375.2/377/177

Height: 6'


Mine is 297 by my birthday, july 20, that will be my first 50 pounds...whoohoo
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Currently my mini-goal is to be at 50 lbs lost by Mother's Day (May 13th really). Not sure I'll make it, but it might be close.

My next mini-goal is to be under 250 by June 21st. That's when we are SUPPOSED to go see the Eagles in concert. No tickets are bought or anything, but I'm hoping. Anyway, that will force me to be pretty consistent. But I know I can do it!!!!

My long term goal is to be under 200 by my birthday (December 12) and that'll make for an awesome Christmas!!

The other night my mom told me that I was getting my beauty back.
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lorelei..It's been a long long road for me. I started out 1/1/2000 at 250 lbs. I lost down to 188 lbs and then my personal life kind of derailed. Well, more than derailed. Infertility treatments, building a house, living with my inlaws, seperating from my husband, ect. I fought like **** to maintain for almost a year with little gains and losses here and there. Last year, when my ex husband and I seperated, I weighed close to 200 again. Since then, I have been battling the weight on top of all of the other changes in my life. Not been easy, but am not giving up. I am up to 215 now but on my way back down. I will get there.

So, to say that it's been a long road for me, is a joke. This January, will be 3 years from when I first started out. Seems like a really long time, which it is. But I've maintained most of that time, which is a hard thing to do, as we all know.

I intend on being at goal by New Years Eve this year, hopefully by my birthday in December. 3 yrs and at least 85 lbs less. Considering all, I think I've done really well. Many times I wanted to give up, and am sure I would be alot heavier than my heaviest. But somehow, I stopped it.
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My goal is to lose 5 pounds by Memorial Day observed (that's Monday, May 27th). That's three-and-a-half weeks away. I weigh 229 today, so that would put me at 224.

Good luck everyone!

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I want to be under 299 by Mother's day. This should be attainable since it's only 5 lb away...IF I didn't blow it too badly yesterday at the hotdog shop! Two chili dogs, 2 ff, and a gyro later, and I'm starving myself the rest of the week!!!

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Well, the 1st half of May, I've been battling and holding on for dear stay OP.

But the 2nd half of May is going to be amazing. I can feel it.

How's everyone else doing?
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S/C/G: see ticker

Height: 5'5"


My "numbers" mini-goals:

Memorial Day Goal: 226.5
Birthday goal (6/14): 223.5
First day of school goal (8/6): 190

My "non scale-oriented" goals:

1. I would like to be back into a 14 by the beginning of next school year.
2. I would like to be able to walk between the aisles in my classroom without knocking books off the desk with my big ol' butt!
3. I would like to throw away all my size 8 and 9 underwear!

I feel confident I'll make my Memorial Day goal. I didn't weigh in officially last week because I had a prior committment, but I unofficially weighed at the doctor's office (minor case of pink eye - hazards of the profession - at least we haven't had a head lice epidemic!) on Monday and was 228. Yay for me!


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Hello all!

I haven't posted in a while here ~ hope it is still ok to join in.

My mini goal is do be down 11 pounds ~ maybe by mid June. that would put me at 199.

I am back and feeling derermined right now ~ aches and pains in my hips and knees and feet is what is driving me. I am tired of hurting, and hope that losing this weight will help.

I began in Sept of 1999 with about 90 pounds to lose. By July of 2000 I was almost half way to my goal of 130. Then vacations and other stuff, and slowly over time, I crept back up. Sad ~ after working so hard, to have to practically start all over again.

Take care all ~ glynne
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My mini goal is 289 by July 4th. The amount I weighed when I got married. One goal at a time.
That will be a total of 13 lbs.
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My new mini goal will be to weigh 260 by June 29, which is my birthday.

but my REALLY huge goal is to weigh 250 by July 21st, which is my 1 yr anniversary. That is what I weighed when I got married.
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