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Against all odds
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Cool Haircuts.

Hello everyone!

So I've been playing with the notion of cutting my hair into a Mohawk with bangs.

Has anyone felt like they couldn't get a certain haircut due to their weight? Did you get it anyway? How did it look?

I don't want the sides totally shaved, I just want it short, like 1-2" long. My hair is currently half aqua half pink so I think it'll look awesome. Anyway, please share your experiences with short hair!

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I say do it! Don't wait until your goal weight for you to start enjoying your body!! The only condition is that you post pics here :P
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Krissy Missy
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Well, my personal opinion is that very short hairstyles look best on thinner-than-average women... Have you done short hair before? It also depends on your face shape and facial fullness.

I've had my hair cut very short in the past (<1inch long) and I was about the weight I am now... It really wasn't pretty. Although I'm not a "girly girl" it made me feel masculine/not feminine, and I didn't like that feeling.

Of course, everyone is different, but that's my own personal experience and opinion! Good luck with your decision, and if you decide to go for it and love it, please post pics!
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Against all odds
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I've had super short hair from when I was larger, and it was cute on my face, but not compared to my body. I want the middle to be the same length I currently have, which is past my shoulders. I'm not entirely sure how to post pictures here but I'll try to figure it out right now ^_^
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I made a pledge to myself to not postpone my happiness. I say if you want the haircut, and it will make you happy, go for it. It's just hair - you can always grow it back!

I bleached my jet black hair blonde a long time ago. Everyone told me it looked awful. I didn't care. I loved it and felt amazing. Looking back, it was not the best choice, but I loved how it made me feel.
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I say do what makes you happy and ignore anything or anyone that does not make you happy. I personally think that would look awesome on ANYONE, regardless of size. I used to have my hair in a pixie cut dyed fire engine red. Go for it lady!
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Go for it! I once had a cut.. 1/2-1" on sides & back.. & longer 5-6 inches on top. (top dyed blue usually & sides bleached platinum) I loved the cut.. I have very fine hair.. & never really liked long hair with my body size... I go through phases of 2'' to shoulder length & shaggy... My head has not experienced a brush/comb in 5-6 years... love it short..
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I was really nervous to cut my hair short before I made goal, because I was worried I was too fat, but I did it anyway and I'm SOOO glad I did. I say go for it!
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i lost my head awhile ago
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I have short hair even though it makes my head look REALLY small compared to the rest of my body. I do have a mild form of androgenic alopecia so it's hard for me to have any type of hairstyle. I tried the mohawk but my hair is too thin to work, so I have to settle on a basic style.
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Go for it!

That is almost the exact cut I'm going to get after my wedding in January. I am worried that if I'm not where I want to be weight-wise that it'll look weird on me but I don't think I'll let that stop me.
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I tend to be pretty conservative (to the point of retro) with my hair being an old hippie chick but you do what you want, what will make you happy and what your employment will bear.
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Originally Posted by darlingbrit View Post
Has anyone felt like they couldn't get a certain haircut due to their weight?
Oh, yes :P When I was about 14 and in the 170s-180s range, I was obsessed with pixie hairstyles and ended up getting one, against my better judgement. I just couldn't figure out why those haircuts looked so good on women in hair magazines but not on me. I quickly regretted it and have been growing my hair out ever since, it's now around armpit length and I plan on growing it to my waist. I say go for it! And then post pics, please

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Your hair colours sound amazing! I've always wanted pink, or green

Um, currently I feel like I can't get a certain haircut due to my weight, but I'm suffering from that low confidence thing as well as using my long hair to 'cover up' my acne!

I want a short, boyish cut, like a pixie bob so I can still have that ruffled, messy look. But yeah, I'm saving that for when I lose weight as a treat! I CANNOT wait and I am totally excited! (Hopefully it'll look good though...)

But, by the sounds of it, you want it now, so do it. You think it'll look awesome? It will. You probably have the sexy style to go with it anyway, and when you do, a mohawk can be pulled off whatever the weight

Let us know if you do it! x
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I bet it would look badaZZ with your aqua/pink hair! n_n
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