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Default Tattoo Placement

I think when I finally reach my goal weight what I want is a tattoo. Specifically, a tattoo of a holy symbol of a fictional religious order whose tenants were to actively seek strength, then to use that strength in defense of those without it. It'd be round and golden-colored, tinged with orange, with a 1.5-inch diameter (not very large at all). I've had the idea for a while, but never followed through with it mostly because I didn't want to get a tattoo then have my weight change dramatically.

The only thing really remaining to be decided is; where would be the best place to put such a tattoo? Since advancement in my current career can depend a lot on looking as well as acting professionally it'd need to be easily hide-able while wearing a suit, but I also want to put it somewhere where I would see it often and isn't profane. What do you guys think?
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I have one on my upper back, between my shoulder blades. I like it there. I can wear a tank and show it if I want, or cover it up easily .
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When I fantasize about a tatoo I always think of the lower back, right above the panty. Very few people would see it there, but it would be visible on occasion if you want it to.
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I'm getting mine on 3 places: my rib, ankle, and my hip
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I have one on my lower right thigh, like above the knee on the outside. I can show it in the summer or when I swim but thats it.
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I have two tattoos - one on the front of my hip, and one on my foot. The hip is pretty personal - I don't share it with many people and I'm happy to have it be meaningful for just me. I will admit, I got a couple stretch marks that shot through it during pregnancy, but I knew that was possible when I got it, and I'm still happy with it - it's a marker of my life, and I rather like the fact that my daughter has made her mark on my life, as well.

The foot one is low, near the toes. It hurt to get, but I love it - it's easy to show off if I want but easily hidden in professional settings, which I was also concerned about. I had a hard time thinking of an upper body location that wouldn't have the possibility of being shown, even in a semi-professional setting (cocktail parties, bending over in scrubs, etc).
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Depends on where YOU want it.

It's something you'll have to think about for awhile. I have one on the back of my neck, right along my shoulder line, my right mid-thigh area, my right foot and my left ankle.
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When I got my first artist said that for women the areas between shoulder and knees are not good for tats. His reason was not just weight fluctuations but also aging. Parts will sag with age. I took that to heart. All of mine are in the outside region. The only one I sort of regret is the one on my neck. I can't see it! However, it does make the statement I want. All but one are in areas that for my professional life are good.....calves, ankles, and even my neck (my hair is longer). My last one is a bracelet with my kids names. It is on my left hand so shaking hands is still professional and many people don't notice it right off. If it is your first, I would suggest your calf. It is a pretty easy place and you can see it. It is easily covered with slacks and even in a skirt. As small as you want, it would not be that noticeable in a dress. I just know that I won't get another where I can't see it (back shoulder blade) or where gravity can take hold (breast)........and yes....I have another tat in the plans LOL (I have 5)
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I have lots..I will say that the one on my shoulder didnt hurt at all. I like it there because no one can see it unless im wearing a tank or swim suit. I also have one on my wrist, foot, collar bone and those flippin hurt!
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Originally Posted by kellie105 View Post
the one on my shoulder didnt hurt at all. I like it there because no one can see it unless im wearing a tank or swim suit.
This is such a great idea I wonder why I didn't think of it before. It's especially good because I've been working really hard at weight lifting, and probably by the time I reach goal weight I'll have a sexy bicep to put it on

Having this planned out makes losing weight and sticking to my exercise regimen so much more exciting!
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I'm a teacher so need to hide mine... I have one on my shoulder blade (of my left shoulder), one at the base of my back and the third is on my stomach..... but I doubt anyone will see that again! I've put on 4 stone since I got it!! haha! It needs recolouring in too (

I am treating myself to two more! If I go down one more size that's tattoo one (on left ankle) and two sizes I can have tattoo two (around right ankle). Fingers crossed!
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shoulders are great because you can cover it with a Tshirt or any business shirt but show it with a tank top. Inner arms are covered with long sleeves but can be shown the rest of the time. Neither of those change super dramatically with weight fluctuations and sagging.

I have one on my ankle and a shoulder piece that wraps around my upper arm/shoulder. I can cover it with a business shirt but show it the rest of the time.
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The hip tattoo is rather sexy on most female bodies. That's what I have in mind.
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my father is a tattoo artist, and have around 30 myself. when you get to your goal weight, you will want to maintain it for a minimum of 6 months before you get tattooed. this is because your skin will not be fit to tattoo until it firms up a bit. otherwise you are likely to have patchy linework and/or blowouts. this is also important if you are tattooing an area that has stretch marks. the general rule of thumb is, if the scar/stretch mark is the same tone as your skin (old) you can tattoo it, but if it is a new stretch mark you will want to wait to tattoo it.
the most feminine and pretty places to have a medium/large tattoo in my opinion is the rib, the thigh, or the hip. be wary of the hip though, because if you gain more then about 50 pounds, or get pregnant it can damage it.
sorry the message is so long! just thought it was useful information
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I have 4. My biggest goes from my armpit down my side and my ribs to my booty. One is on the opposite booty cheek, one on the back of the neck and one on the ankle (that is the only non hideable one I wsah wernt there)

My vote is somewhere on the back, but not a tramp stamp...haha
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