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Default Hello from a lost little chickie

Hi everyone,
Remember Me? It's been a while since i've posted so i thought i would catch you all up on what has happened.

I lost my job the middle of november (the same day DH and I were going to put a bid in on a new house, so needles to say that didn't happen). I've been hunting for a new job but jobs in my field in my area are very hard to find. So i'm trying to enjoy my time off with DD. I know this will sound bad but i'm not cut out to be a SAHM. I have a lot of admiration for those of you who are. I need to work atleast part time. As some of you already know i take anti-depressants, they stopped working and it took me forever to get into my Dr. to get my meds. changed and I am still in the process of coming off the old one. I will start taking Lexapro (or something like that) next week, i'm hoping to have good luck with it. I have been a screaming maniac for the last 2 months

Hello to all and hope to get a chance to chat with those of you that i haven't met yet.

ps - i'll try to post a little more regular
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Hi MrsM95,

Welcome to the board. I'm new, but I can definitely relate to how it feels to lose a job. It sucks, especially if you love what you do.
But at least you can come here and hang with us, it's a fun group as I'm sure you remember! Looking forward to getting to know you.

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MrsM, welcome back!!
I'm so sorry you've been having such a difficult time.
Hang in there, hon. It's all fate. The new drugs will kick in and will be good (at least for a while ), an interesting job will come your way, and the house... well... the house wasn't meant to be. Another one is waiting for you in the future.

As for being a SAHM... I don't think ANY of us are cut out for it. But we do what we have to do, and if you need to get a part time job to stay sane, that's perfectly understandable.

hugs and prayers, sweetie. Like Sabrina said, come and chat with us... more often!
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Hi MrsM, and welcome!

I can relate to what you said too. I am a SAHM but I also work at home (writing/research) - and I would go mad if I didn't (sometimes I do anyway). I love my girls so much but I am not a natural "mommy" sort of person - it was very hard when they were littler, now they are 6 and 9 and in school all day and growing up it is much better. But there are still plenty of moments when I wish I was in a little mountain cabin somewhere (or a luxury spa)...

Please come and chat with us - this is such a great group! And we do understand!

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Hi MrsM!

Glad you are back and I hope you are doing better, you have certainly been through a lot lately
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