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Default Alternachicks clothes

Hey folks,

I'm kinda new here and I'm sure this has been talked about before, but: what are some of your favorite sources for clothes that fit both your body and your style? Even though I'm fat and trying to be less fat, I like to get clothes that fit me and help me look my best as I am now - even if it means they won't fit any more next season. It's worth it to me to feel good about myself during this long process, instead of waiting until I'm "done" to get good clothes.

The usual department-store plus-size selections don't normally cut it for me - big circus-tent clothes and long tunics that hide my curves instead of taking advantage of them.

For professional-type clothes I've done very well with Eileen Fisher, but they are pricey and, of course, professional. Very nice clothes, but only for one part of my life. I also wear plenty of clothes from Eddie Bauer, which are well-made and well-fitted, but on the boring side.

I recently learned of a website called Torrid (I won't post a link for fear of running afoul of the spam trappers; Google will find it for you) that has some more playful clothes in larger sizes. Their models are gorgeous too, real beautiful curvy girls. I haven't ordered anything from them yet so I can't speak to the quality.

What about you, where do you get your favorite clothes?

(I'm in the U.S.; please say where you are when you state your sources.)
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I <3 Torrid...
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I live in Canada but I am about a 2 hour drive from the U.S. border so I can drive down for a day trip to go shopping. I have had quite good luck with Macy's and they have quite a lot of good sales. This past summer I picked up to really cool linen wrap dresses - very 50's inspired (Think MadMen tv show style). They were less than $50.00 each.

I usually buy some basic pieces and make them my own by adding details (different belts, appliques, sequins (nice not tacky ones) at the neckline and cuffs, or a bit of lace at the hem of a skirt etc) or by wearing some funky jewellery or other accessories with them.

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I get stuff from Torrid all the time. All their stuff is great, I go in the store and want to buy EVERYTHING! haha. I can always find a size that fits me and they've got some SUPER cute stuff. They even sell plus sized halloween costumes that ARE actually plus sized...haha.

If you haven't tried anything from Torrid, you should!
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etsy dot com this is a website of independant designers. Several of them do plus size and some focus only on plus size and some custom fit. its fantastic. Click on clothing on the left and then click plus size.. its fun. Check it out. When you look at the images, notice that if you click on it, you see a lot more clothes by that designer. Not just the one pictured. have fun.
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Torrid quality can be hit or miss but I've gotten a lot of stuff there. Lately now that I can fit into some normal sizes I have no clue where to shop anymore it was always Lane Bryant, Torrid and Target.

I went to H&M the other day they had some alternative friendly stuff nothing too out there, but definately had style and a reasonable price. They had plus sizes at one point in time but I didn't see any when I was there last so I don't know if I missed them or if they don't carry them any longer.
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I absolutely LOVE torrid, i shop there every chance i get! There pants are the most comfortable and most fitted pants ive every worn...

I also wanted to list the store called Dots, they don't sell online but they do have a website, im sure you can just look it up rather easily. They sell up to sizes 24, and they always have the latest fashions In plus size! They also don't sell anything over 24$, ive bought about 5 winter coats there a few weeks ago and they fit like a glove and are just absolutely comfortable!

Fashion Bug is another store to look into as well as Cato's...even the store Maurices sells plus size clothes. Theres plenty of websites and stores out there, it just takes forever to find them...

Dark Sites and Dark side of the net are both good websites to look at for alternative clothing, they have tons of links to clothing stores...definitely worth the look up
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my only prob with torrid is that the clothes are not all that flattering on me. My arms are huge. I'm huge in general but my arms are literally a whole size larger than the rest of me. I have to buy really baggy scrubs tops because theyare the only ones that will fit there. Torrid usuallyhas very few long sleeve shirts and the short sleeved ones cut off at a very unbecoming place on my arms. Also, most of the dresses are above the knee (mysecond least becoming body part lol)

I like Igigi for dresses, and i tolerate lane bryant and cato....i also find some cute stuff on the sales racks of dillards
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hey all
im in england, but well i have a bit of a 50s pinup rockabilly look i suppose.

i shop through various places, ebay alot, vintage stalls and shops, charity stores, primark (cheapy uk store) and various other places.

i stick to lots of pencil skirts, floral tea dresses, leopard print and nice accessories make it for me.

i love a wesbite called collectif, and pinup girl clothing. i have my eye on a very sexy bikini by pinup girl clothing
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Like everyone I'm all about Torrid.
I also LOVE Such cute clothing and tons of accessories---they aren't plus sized per se-- but a lot of the brands and styles they have carry up to a 2x.
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I kind of bounce between Lane Bryant, Hot Topic (Torrids parent company) and I have found sleeveless shirts at Forever XXI in their "Faith 21" brand. Oh to go back to my early goth days when all you needed was black dye and an assortment of needles, thread and safety pins.
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I like thermal shirts, but I layer them to hide the obvious muffin top. Baggy jeans, cargo pants, etc. Both of these look good paired with Converse high tops. I also like baggy sweatshirts with slimmer-fitting jeans.
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i like thermal shirts. this is gonna sound silly, but i feel sexy in them
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I love Torrid. It's basically the only place I buy clothes from anymore, though I do buy some dressier clothes from Lane Bryant. I like that Torrid offers a better selection of alterna clothes. I have every color of the Tripp skinny jeans and love them.
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I'm in a small tiny town in the United States so I need to get all of my "alternative" clothes online. I get them mostly from The Pyramid Collection and
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