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Ooooh, I love the Wii Fit! I use it four days a week and it's really helping me with my posture and balance.

I've hit a bit of a snag the last two weekends... darn you, Chinese delivery food!!! It's the only bad habit I haven't kicked. Seriously. I broke up with the emotionally withholding bf, quit smoking, gave up drinking for Lent, haven't been through the drive-through more than twice this year (and those two times were on a 24-hour round-trip road trip), and have had chocolate fewer than half a dozen times in the last three months. I haven't ordered in a pizza (this used to be a weekly occurrence) all year, either.

So why is the Chinese habit so hard to kick?! Argh.
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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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I'm back! sorry to be away so long! What did I miss!?

(what did YOU miss? see the photo thread!)
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Here We Go Again
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Hello ladies! I hope everyone has been well. I weighed at 208.3lbs this morning!!

I am totally crazy about my scale and I believe that it always lies to me. So I weigh myself at the gym scale every so often. It's a bit off from my home scale. But when I hopped on last night, it was down almost 17lbs from weighing there last month! So I officially know I'm NOT crazy and that the scale has actually budged 17lbs since February.
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Velveteen - Congrats on tying the knot! I hope a good time was had by all!

Wormwood - 17 pounds is HUGE! Way to go! Onederland is right around the corner!!

Freshman - Everyone has an Achilles heel. Mine is poutine Hopefully you will find that as your body adjusts to a healthier lifestyle, your cravings will get farther apart!
I had to make up a bunch of errands that needed doing 'right now' - it was another sunny and warm (well, warm for Montreal) day. I HAD to get out and enjoy it Come on spring!

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2 forward, 1 back
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Hi everyone ... I've been following along here. WormwoodDoll, hurray for your 17 lb. loss! Wow!

bopeep, I hope your DH is feeling better and is healing again. That sounded awful.

I've put forth some strong efforts this year but today I binged on all sorts of crap. I blame the latest box of protein bars I bought to stock my desk at work ... turns out they were much too tasty. No more protein bars for me.

Tomorrow is a new day, I guess. It'll be a tough one because my neighbors are having having us over for pizza and then I'm meeting some members of my adoptive parents' group at a Mexican restaurant. Must be strong ...
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howdy ladeez..

looks like i've missed plenty..this just a fly-by..have started 4 week treatment for my back pain& think i won't be able to write much but thinking of u ladies

congrats velveteen..ur so gorgeous in ur wedding pics!! exciting..

go wormwood!!! apropos nuthin: is wormwood main ingredient in absinthe??..must get out more

since i just skimmed prolly missed most of ya..but health, sunshine and magnificent pound droppage for u all!!!

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I aim to misbehave
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Hi! I am new to the forum. I'm so impressed with everyone here--you are so accepting and open.

I am just beginning my journey. My goal for the rest of this month is to start to own being overweight (I finally admitted it to myself), and to go to the gym every other day, even if it is only for 30 minutes.

WormwoodDoll--Wow! Awesome success on your 17 pounds! Rock on!
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Welcome, Riverite!
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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Hi everyone,

Just a quick fly by to check in. I have to go to bed as I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow. I have been pretty busy with work and yoga classes.

Hope you all are doing well.
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