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Arrow sagging skin - herbal/alternative remedies?

Hey, I am posting this here in the Alterna section as opposed to the "Body Image And Issues After Weight Loss" section because honestly, I didn't like what they said and hoped that people who are into organics/alternative medicine etc. might have some alternate insight.

I've lost a lot of weight, I don't have a scale but I'd say around 90 pounds or so. (size 22 down to size 8 currently) All with better diet (hurrah for spinach!), and some excercise (just speed walking which became a brief run daily, and some sit-ups/crunches).

Well, I've done it the right way, and it took me about a year and a half so it wasn't super fast, and I'm 24 so I definitely shouldn't have sagging breasts! But I do. I can see parts of my skin that just look like these empty sacks with nothing in them. I look absolutely beautiful in clothing (and a magic little friend called SPANKS!) but out of them...yikes. So, I looked around and found this is a *very* common problem, and yet everyone seems to only suggest surgery as a real option.

As someone who is a firm believer in alternative medicine and has only briefly been in hospitals twice in my entire life, and been to see an herbalist before a doctor, I just can't accept this. I will not get surgery, even if it is the only option. It's just hard for me to accept that there is not a mineral solution I can bathe in or seaweed wrap I can get or supplement I can add! Could this really be true?

There is one reason for which I believe it can be true. When I first started pondering on it and thinking about natural medicines I thought "but there is an herbal or natural medicine to provide for almost every ailment, it was provided by the earth before we got here, or even within our own bodies, they have a way to cope with every ailment." Except there is this to factor in - obesity, of this nature, is a man-made ailment. If you lived on nuts and berries and vegetables and fruit (the food provided by the earth for human beings who are not meant to eat meat, just look at the length of our intestines - there is a reason beef gives you horrible gas!), we would not be fat. You cannot be this kind of fat from anything but man-made foods: processed sugars, cheese, bread, soda, junk food, et al. So, whatever your theory as to who created the universe, let's just assume it was created by someone - someone who could not predict or foresee obesity because it is not natural. (now, there is the possibility that said someone could foresee it but um, that's more of a religious discussion, haha!)

So, I came to the realisation that obesity is not a natural condition of the human body, and therefore is possibly without a natural solution to the side-effects. Any ideas about this? Please tell me I'm wrong! I want to be wrong!

Additionally, I should mention that as yet my fat pockets are not *that* bad (But then, I am still a Size 8). I am going to try weight training (although this may be difficult as I have a bad elbow and a bad knee due to old injuries), hydrating and I saw somewhere you could take Lechithin for skin elasticity. And skin brushing, why not? And I kinda had a theory that the right kinda bath, maybe with salts, could help, but that was just a random idea I had.

Anyway, that's my issue/discussion, ideas would be welcomed.
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Hey Sister!

Being Buddhist, I don't believe that any being created the universe--but that's a different discussion.

I don't have any answers--but you have on your side that you are young, so your skin may be elastic enough to recover on its own. I think it takes a couple of years at least, though.

The usual thing people say is that there really isn't any way to shrink your skin quickly. But, try those things and see! Another possibility is body wraps. I have to say that I tried a body wrap for weight/inches loss and not only did it not work at all, it gave me a rash. So, be careful what you do. Be skeptical and see what results you get. Mostly, be patient! Some things change more slowly than others.

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Most people who have a weight loss of 20 pounds don't have problems with excess skin...but those who have had multiple children will have it in the belly/hips area...and those who have lost larger amounts of weight-mostly those who have lost 50+ pounds.

I am a naturalist as well, and hate hospitals. I use exercise instead of antidepressants...I drink herbal teas and concoctions instead of taking cold medicines (which always make me feel worse..) so I understand you completely.

But, the fact of the matter is, excess skin is what is left after our body takes some abuse. When I get to goal this time around (after baby #3...) I will have lost a good deal of weight for the third time-after each child. This time around, when I get to goal, my loss will be approximately 70 pounds. This, and I have had 3 large babies-my smallest being over 9 pounds. My skin cannot bounce back from it, as much as I would like it to.

I think of it basically like a balloon. You see what a brand new balloon looks like when you take it out of the package...blow it up, and then let the air back out. It never goes back 100% to normal. It's just life.

For me, personally, I am a DDD right after I have a baby and am nursing them...and when I hit my goal weight I am usually a small D. I fully know that I will look wonderful in clothes, but will have some issues when I am naked. However, no one sees me naked except my husband or doctor, so it really doesn't matter to me.

My stomach and hips have, and are going to have excess skin issues-from the stress of the large pregnancies 3x, plus the weight loss after each. It is just the way it is, and I accept that.

I don't know if I will have surgery if I make it to goal. I won't know until I get there, and see how I feel about it. No one HAS to have surgery to remove the skin if they don't want to. It is a personal choice.

However, I don't know of any herb, wrap, or anything than can get rid of the damage that has already been done. The same with my stretch marks...they are what they are.

I know you don't want to hear it...heck, no one does. But, those who have had the large losses, and maintained those losses, have already dealt with this, and do know what they are talking about. Some go the surgery route, and others wear Spanx and good bras, and they look great in their clothes.

For me personally, I wear good bras...and I wear swimwear that has the matching shorts/sarongs/skirts over them, because my excess skin is around the belly/hips/thigh area...and it helps to camoflauge that a bit. I don't wear shorts-I wear summer skirts/capris, etc. because of the extra skin in the hips/thigh area.

The only surgery I would possibly consider in the future would be my tummy...simply because of my profession. I camoflauge it with costuming now, but it would be nice to not have to do that.

I wish there was something that could be done herbally...and someone with a smaller weight loss of 20-30 pounds might get away with a little help from a lotion or something, but with large losses, it never really works.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help...just know that others share your same issues.
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I'm in the same boat as you...

I dropped from 168 down to about 128, and my breasts started to not look so well. (I've gained weight back, obivously)

I'm not very happy with them, but surgery will never be an option for me.

Try putting some lotion (cocoa butter or shea butter) on them everyday--It won't make them perkier, but it will make them look "healthier".

Get a good push up bra--Victoria's secret makes great ones.

Try doing some pectoral muscle work-outs. The pectorals are directly under your breasts, so building those up would help life your breasts a little.

I figure I'll get a boob job when every guy goes out and gets their chest, back, and facial hair permanately removed. No one is perfect, and anyone who judges your worth based on your breasts is not worth your time and should be locked in a cage.
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I posted this in the other forum, but I think I'll post it here, too.

From the Discovery Health Channel show I saw they said one cause of sagging skin was a result of not having sufficient blood flow to the skin. (There's other factors, too, but that's one of them.) I think anything that can increase blood flow to the skin can't hurt. Exfoliating massages, hot baths, etc.

I've also heard taking flaxseed oil tablets is GREAT for adding moisture to the skin from within the body. I think moisturizing the outside of the skin is a must, but I want to moisturize from within as well. Meg posted her surgeon had her take vitamin C and bioflavinoids to help her skin aid in recovery post-surgery. Couldn't hurt, is my opinion.

At 24, you're YOUNG and have an awesome chance of your skin continuing to keep shrinking for 12 months or more after you stop losing weight. I'm curious to see how you feel in a year.
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Wow what a great discussion. I'm 38 with 4 kids so yeah I'm never going to get that flat look (heck I never had it before) As in the past with weight loss it always is the first sign I notice sagging skin. I will get to around 180 and just hate how it looks and fall off the wagon. After all a full balloon looks better than a flat one ) seriously I am trying to get to 165 by May 1 so maybe when I forge past the 180's the sagging skin will begin to shrink a little.
Bioflavinoids ? what are they or where can i get some?
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200-139 , slow weight loss over 1 year.
still losing 20 more over next 4 months.
nearly 31 years old.
skin seemed like it was getting very loose and saggy at mid way point.
started dancing/pilates/hatha yoga 5 times a week. Just freestyle dancing to whatever = moby = godsmack = mambo.

Also did skin brushing, concentrated vitamin e (not cheap drugstore stuff, some highend brands from whole foods)
also have used meadowfoam seed oil and a grape extract scrub from l'occitane.
and coffeeberry extract.
plus tons and tons and tons of water. (no never tap, either fiji or spring or distilled)
End result is no cellulite, no loose skin.

Broke and tired but looking good.
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