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Question Newbie to IP

I'm in my 5th week of IP. I feel I'm doing well and trying to be excited but the health coaches and the clinic in general are not supportive. They told me yesterday if I don't buy their vitamins they are kicking me out of the program. The is pretty pricey alone without being told I have to buy my supplements from them....anyone thoughts I'm really disappointed with my clinic. I've lost a total of 13 lbs and survived Thanksgiving but wish they were more positive and less negative.

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Smile Ip.

Yes IP is expensive and while I believe that there are some good coaches, I also believe that some are just into the sales. Sorry, that happened to you.

I visited an IP place in 2010 and did some research. Yes, this program works, however you can do the same diet on your own, more naturally, healthier and less money.

I looked up the content on the packages that they sell & they aren't good.

They take their diet plan from, tran tien diet
his info is free on his site.

Get some good protein powder (no sugar) and follow his diet.It cost me about $40/mth In phase 1, I split the meat protein between breakfast and I felt like I was starving. I also found that I can eat eggs.

You can get your own vitamins. B's are the best.
If you are up to exercising, don't go over 30 min, as you will get hungry.

I did this years ago, and lost 70 pounds...consistently 5 pounds a week.

I have gained some back, due to eating indiscriminately.

I am back on it and started on December 18th and have lost 6 pounds in 5 days. The first couple of weeks, you lose quicker due to water loss...then after that you might be like me and loss 5pds per week.

I wish you the best of can do it, be healthier and save money. The support is here!
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Can you find another clinic? They are sprouting up all over around here. Mine is run by an RN and she is super nice and supportive. I'm just finishing up my first week today
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