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Unhappy Hello ,What plan to follow? New Here

I am so mixed up,I go from weight watchers to low carb,or to some other plan. I do not know what to do , where to turn.....sue
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Stevia Nicks
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You really have to figure out what works best for you, but I know that for *me*, it's calorie counting or bust. It's basic math, I log everything before I eat, and I know that more calories out than in = weight loss. I really can't afford any sort of pre-made meals, or a WW group, or even a gym membership, but I can afford to learn the science of this, since it's free.
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Another calore counter here.
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Calorie Counter
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I really have to agree with Luceia. WW and SW to me just seem confusing and expensive.

I've done a lot of research online about calories, sugars and fats, and I'm just counting my cals and doing as much cardio as i can bare each morning for the moment and walking the dog in the evening. I've just started out, so I just keep going with my cardio until it gets too much. Even after 3 days I'm doing more and more and feeling better everytime!

if you work out how many cals and how much exercise you can do it'll make sense. But one BIG piece of advice... Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast AFTER your morning workout.

When you work out in the morning it wakes your metabolism up and ready for anything you throw at it!! Cool huh!

If you head to fitday. com/ (get rid of the spaces) and create yourself a profile, it will tell you how many calories you can have a day, along with cals in all sorts of food too so you can stay away from things that will hold you back, with your exercise and what it will suggest a timescale to suit, and help you track your progress too.

I hope all this helps. Last, and by no means least Welcome to the forum!!
Don't forget, take it one day at a time. If you slip up, don't worry. It's a learning curve and everyone here is always happy to help and chat if you need it.

Good luck hun. Keep us posted on your progress.
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I like calorie counting, but LOVE weight watchers - they're essentially the same program with a different approach....sure you have to pay for it and decide whether you want to go to meetings or do on line only (I do on line only - its cheaper).

Weight watchers encourages healthy eating with 0 point fruits and veggies. Calorie counters count every last fruit and veggie.

To each their own though and you should definitely figure out what works for you.
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Smile Thanks

A Big Thanks to all of you responding to me,It means alot...sue
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I have tried a lot of stuff over the years...but I have always come back to Weight Watchers, and it has worked the best for me. Allowing me to eat basically all the foods I have, but teaching me portion size and control.
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You really don't have to stick with one plan. I've lost my weight "this time" on several different plans.

The trick when switching plans is to jump right into the next plan, and not take a break from dieting between plans (that is regaining before starting the next plan).

I like to use exchange plans, so when I try a new way of eating, I try to "translate" it into an exchange plan. Exchange plans also are an indirect way of counting calories (an 1800 calorie exchange plan will average about 1800 calories).

Another advantage of translating food plans into exchange plans (or calorie counting) is that it allows you to compare different types of eating. For example, I learned that I lose more weight on an 1800 calorie low-carb exchange plan as on an 1800 calorie high-carb plan.

The same would apply to "translating" different styles of eating into calorie-counting. By keeping calories consistent, you can try different food plans and see which work best (both physically and emotionally).
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Want to feel better
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I have done just about every diet known. I think I like weight watchers best. I did it (paid for the meetings) for a little over a year. I don't go to the meetings any more so not having that expense now, but I continue on my own to follow what I learned there. Like mamasita said many fruits and vegetables are zero points. I feel like I get more food doing the weight watchers thing than when I was counting calories. You can't stuff yourself with the fruits and vegetables, eat just a reasonable amount. Weight watchers works if you keep following what you've learned. Like others said though ~ you have to try different things and find what works for you. Ways of eating are not ~ one size fits all.

Love your name by the way

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I have tried a few, but calorie counting is hands down the best. You eat what you want, but once you reach your daily calories you stop. I just started combinding calorie counting with Fast 5. Itīs where I consume all my daily calories within 5 hours like noon-5pm. I have lost 7lbs this week, so I am going to continue with it.

You really have to just do what is best for you. A lot of trial and error in my opinion. whatever you decide good luck.
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learning to love myself
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lovemydoggies- doesn't that leave you hungry before and after those hours?
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As a diabetic, WW never worked very well for me since I have to count my carbs and can't eat very much fruit. So since I have to count it anyway why pay? Now I'm back to counting calories. Struggle with that too but know that's just me. Whatever you use it takes discipline.
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Portions/servings with a calorie cap here (usually 1800-2000/maintenance).

I like the flexibility portions & calorie-counting offers; plus, I limit my starchy-grain carbs, and eat more lean proteins & veggies. To break a plateau, I am presently cycling my calories (1800; 1600; 1700; 1500, etc.), and it's helping a lot.

Just pick one plan; and give it a real good try for 3-6 months and see what happens ...

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I am starting tomorrow on Ideal Protein diet. My Doctor recommended it to me. He and his wife both went on it and lost a lot of weight. I'm really excited about it. I have tried every diet on the planet with varying degrees of success.
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I have also been on just about every diet you can name. I am cutting out sugar and all sodas (diet included). This time, I am eating breakfast...I always skipped breakfast. I eat yogurt, walnuts, half a banana and Grapenuts every morning. I am cutting back portions. Instead of eating three pieces of chicken, I will eat one. More vegetables and more salads. Fresh fruit. Lots and lots of water. I am eating slower and chewing my food better. Little things like that. I have to have a "diet" that I can live with.
So mine isn't exactly a diet...more of a lifestyle change.

I am looking around for an exercise bike. I also plan to join a gym. I have two very bad knees. I walk quite a bit in my day, as it is, but I don't know if my knees would hold up to a whole lot more walking.
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