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Default We need to move to Hawaii

Feb. 28, 2012 -- People who live in Hawaii are the happiest in the U.S. and have the most positive outlook, according to this year’s Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

It’s the third year in a row the survey has ranked Hawaii as the No. 1 state for well-being. North Dakota, Minnesota, Utah, and Alaska rounded out the top five happiest states.

West Virginia scored lowest on well-being, but did slightly improve from last year.

The Well-Being Index score for the nation as a whole is the lowest since tracking began in 2008.

The rankings are based on daily surveys conducted from January through December 2011. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100, where a score of 100 represents ideal well-being. Hawaii’s score of 70.2 wasn’t perfect, but it topped the list.

Staying consistent with the trend for the past four years, Western and Midwestern states notched nine of the 10 highest well-being scores, while Southern states claimed half of the bottom 10 scores.

What Makes a Happy State?

The Well-Being Index is calculated based on six key areas:

• Life Evaluation: Alaskans ranked their lives as “thriving,” giving them the highest ranking in this category with a score of 60.2, while West Virginia residents ranked lowest on this scale at 41.1.
• Emotional Health: Hawaiians were the most likely to say they smiled or laughed a lot “yesterday” and were the least likely to report daily worry, stress, or depression, scoring at 83.3. Kentucky ranked lowest in emotional health with a score of 75.5.
• Work Environment: North Dakota workers said they have the most positive work environments, including job satisfaction and trust, and can best use their strengths while performing their job. This gave them the highest ranking in this category at 54.3. Delaware ranked lowest in job satisfaction at 40.6 and had the worst workplace perception for a third year in a row.
• Physical Health: Minnesota ranks at the top of this category -- which includes the percentage of obese residents, disease, and other health problems and daily ailments -- with a score of 79.9. West Virginia ranks lowest at 69.9, in part because it has the highest obesity rate.
• Healthy Behaviors: Hawaii ranks at the top of this category also, with a 68.9. The Hawaiians’ good eating and exercise habits, along with their lower smoking rates, gave them the top spot. Oklahoma ranks lowest with a score of 59.1.
• Basic Access: Massachusetts residents rank highest in this category for a second year in a row, with an 86.6. This high rating is a result of the high percentage of residents who have health insurance along with access to basic necessities and satisfaction with one’s community. Mississippi ranks lowest in this category, as it did in 2010, with a 77.6.

• Here is a full list of all the states based on wellbeing scores:

• 1. Hawaii: 70.2
• 2. North Dakota: 70.0
• 3. Minnesota: 69.2
• 4. Utah: 69.0
• 4. Alaska: 69.0
• 5. Colorado: 68.4
• 5. Kansas: 68.4
• 6. Nebraska: 68.3
• 7. New Hampshire: 68.2
• 8. Montana: 68.0
• 9. South Dakota: 67.8
• 10. Vermont: 67.7
• 11. Maryland: 67.6
• 12. Virginia: 67.4
• 12. Iowa: 67.4
• 12. Massachusetts: 67.4
• 13. California: 67.3
• 13. Washington: 67.3
• 14. Connecticut: 67.2
• 15. Oregon: 67.1
• 16. Wyoming: 66.9
• 16. Wisconsin: 66.9
• 16. Idaho: 66.9
• 17. New Mexico: 66.8
• 18. Maine: 66.7
• 19. Arizona: 66.6
• 20. Texas: 66.4
• 21. Georgia: 66.3
• 22. New Jersey: 66.2
• 23. North Carolina: 66.1
• 24. Pennsylvania: 66.0
• 25. Illinois: 65.9
• 26. South Carolina: 65.7
• 26. New York: 65.7
• 27. Rhode Island: 65.6
• 28. Louisiana: 65.5
• 29. Michigan: 65.3
• 30. Oklahoma: 65.1
• 30. Indiana: 65.1
• 31. Nevada: 65.0
• 31. Tennessee: 65.0
• 32. Florida: 64.9
• 33. Missouri: 64.8
• 34. Arkansas: 64.7
• 35. Alabama: 64.6
• 36. Ohio: 64.5
• 37. Delaware: 64.2
• 38. Mississippi: 63.4
• 39. Kentucky: 63.3
• 40. West Virginia: 62.3

• These results were based on telephone interviews conducted as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey from Jan. 2 - Dec. 29, 2011. A random-digit dial was used to sample 353,492 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
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Hawaii is wonderful, of course, but expensive.

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I see PA is somewhere in the middle, but did they miss some states? LOL There's only 40 in the list! Ummmm Now I see! Several have the same number. My mistake!
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Ohio's near the bottom, but that doesn't surprise me. Lots of laid off manufacturer workers and a high smoking rate don't make people healthy and happy. Hawaii sounds wonderful!
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We have timeshares here that we use to get out of Chicago winters, and I have to agree with this completely. Everyone from grocery checkout people to landscape workers to customer service personnel of all types...they seem to be unfailingly cheerful and happy, no matter how much it might seem as if they would have a reason to be grumpy sometimes. It isn't a fake happiness either; it is an infectious joy for life that all residents here seem to possess.
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I live in Hawaii and yes i love it, BUT honestly I cant find a job any where and its super expensive. Im here for grad school and am thinking about leaving after my first year is over. I am not really that family oriented but moving from CA and leaving all the friends and family there was way harder then i imagineed it being. I would say i could be happier if i was living in CA. Plus over here u cant really drive any where. u drive 4 hrs and u r back at where u started. im 23 and so bored here, i have 2 dogs 2 cats ( in a studio) with my husband and am itching for more things to do :-/
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