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Default Trouble trying to navigate FitDay!!

Very new to 3FC. Saw I have "FitDay" under my name, so I went there and attempted to input my info. Did fine until I got to the measurements. It keeps telling me, "One or more of the values you entered are invalid." I got rid of 1/8's and input only quarters and half's after the full number, but I keep getting the same error! I'm sure it's a simple thing, but now I'm frustrated and can see NOTHING! What am I doing wrong?

My apologies to the 50's group I interupted. I couldn't figure out how to begin a new thread either (didn't notice the little box) - just having a jumbled, confusing day, I guess . . . hormones maybe?

Sure not giving a favorable first impression; hopefully I'll be "normal" later today -
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You need to enter .125 for 1/8, .25 for 1/4, .5 for 1/2, .75 for 3/4, etc. Is that what you were doing? I use The Daily Plate - it's free, easy to use and has a tremendous database with brand names and all. I didn't like Fitday at all.
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I wish I could help. I have gotten that error, and it was something I had entered wrong in some way, but heck if I can remember just what it was. But I enter 3 decimal places all the time. It just rounds them back to two decimal places, but that isn't the cause of the error.
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Yes - just enter the numbers in decimal form - don't enter any symbols like "

Neck: 11.25
Waist: 31.75

Like that - it should work.
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Thank YOU, Susan!

I went back and put my measurements in as you suggested, and it worked fine. Finally! I peeked into Daily Plate, but didn't get far. Already frazzled from FD!

Is it me, or is 3FC website confusing? Could be I'm just trying to hurry too much and not "seeing" what I'm looking at -who knows! Are these diet sites incl. within 3FC? (Weight Watchers, Atkins, etc) Anything else I need to know about 3FC and introducing myself? Only 20 pounds, but always 20 pounds!

I tried WW once, but the ladies that needed to lose, ummm... more, scoffed and stuck their noses in the air. Maybe it's only 20, but it might just as well be 200! If I don't feel good about myself, know I'm not eating right, and know I have a problem w/nighttime eating, isn't that reason enough to join a group? I've thought any poundage would be welcome! It seemed they were in it to glory in the misery, not to offer support - at least that's what I saw. I only went for a month, but didn't feel the group warming to me; so - solo I have tried to go!

And - only 20 pounds, doesn't seem I'm supposed to be buying things like Alli, or whatever else is OTC. I suck alone! Not hungry, but nighttime has me looking for sugar, salt, oh, anything that has empty calories. So, I got online looking for a chat room for dieters; never expected to find anything this massive (excuse the pun!)! I'm hopeful . . .

A very big high-five -oh! wait, isn't there a simile for that? ....... - (there! Figured that out!) -for your weight loss! Tremendous! You must be strutting proud!
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Hi CORRINE . . . to the Age 50+ Forum and also . . . glad to have you joining us.

The 3FC site is so very big that I know it can be quite confusing when you first arrive, but as you become more familiar with the site, the frustration will pass.

A good place to look for answers to general questions is in the Announcements and Forum Help area . . .

Yes, both Weight Watchers and Atkins have their own forums on 3FC as do most of the other currently popular plans. Take a look over in the Diet Central area . . .

Another group you might want to check out is Featherweights . . . . . . especially developed for those like yourself with a little less to lose or for those working on their last few pounds.

If you have any specific questions not addressed in the Forum Help section, just give me a shout and I'll try to find you an answer.

Have a great evening . . .
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