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Default 3 Hour Diet

I started the 3 Hour Diet plan 18 days ago and have only lost 3lbs. I'm getting discouraged because I exercise 6 days a week (walking, weights & yoga) and have consistently followed all the guidelines. At this rate - I'll reach my goal weight loss of 15lbs by next summer How frustrating!

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Doctors recommend 1/2 pound up to 2 pounds per week, so it sounds like you are on target even if it doesn't feel like it. I think we lose at a slower rate as we age, unfortunately. Still, hang in there. It's not uncommon to have spurts of higher losses here and there, and hopefully that will happen for you
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You're doing good! That's more than a pound a week!

I think your calculation is off--if you're losing 3 pounds in 18 days, it will take 3 months to lose 15 pounds. Not summer! February!

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Monitor other things besides weight-loss. With that much exercise you will see a differecne in how your clothes fit for instance.
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I did the 3 hr. diet about a year ago using his website. I didn't lose much but several ladies in our group lost about 1-2 lbs./wk. The book tells you it isn't a FAST diet plan but a steady, healthy one.

Sounds like your doing fine, try not to get discouraged and Lyn is right you will see a difference in inches probably before you see it on the scales.

Good Luck, Phyllis
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Oh at first I thought you were talking about the 3 hour diet like I've used, you know, say you're going to start a diet and have that commitment last about 3 hours? j/K
I'm in agreement with everyone else, that's a good pace. Also when others loose more in the same time how much total do they need to loose? The closer you are to your desired weight the slower the loss.
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