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Default Having a Harder Time Losing Weight...

Do you find it harder to lose weight now that you're in your 50s?

I use to be able to drop weight very easily, but not so anymore.

What do you do to keep from getting discouraged?
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I also think it's harder as you age.

I guess what keeps me going is that I have a very different philosophy about losing weight than I used to. For one, I am losing it for me and for my health - not to get into a bikini and/or a date with the new guy. Also and maybe because of my first reason I don't think I need to be finished yesterday. That thinking gives me some comfort when I do go off (on) the wagon for a day or two.
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I have learned that the most important thing is to get back on the wagon. Because if I don't, I'm just going to get further and further behind in getting to my goal.
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Sure do understand how you feel, Dorie . . . I'm in my sixties and also have diabetes . . . both of those make weight loss a lot harder these days . . . I just try to remind myself that it was the tortoise that finally won that famous race.

Slow but Steady . . . just keep doing the best that you can as much as you can and the rewards will follow . . .
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[QUOTE=Dorie;1711781]Do you find it harder to lose weight now that you're in your 50s?QUOTE]

Yes and no. Yes because I have a lot more weight to lose when I was younger...
The last time I was on a real "diet" was after my third child almost 20 years ago. I didn't have as much to lose as I do now, BUT, this time I'm doing it in a very healthy way and feel much better on this "diet" (SouthBeach) than I did when I did stupid diet pills, or nutrisystem or deprived/starved myself. I started gaining weight a little at a time in my 40's and it really creeped up on me! So in that way, it is much easier NOW for me. I'm enjoying what I'm eating and enjoying shopping for and cooking the food.
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I used to be able to drop 7-8# in the first two weeks. I have always followed weight watchers. Joined like 20 times until I finally made lifetime 3 years ago. I find I can't exercise as hard now plus hormones play havoc with metabolism. Even though staying 100% on plan, I'm lucky to lose 1# a week now. I just think how much healthier I am and how much less joint pain I have than at my heaviest weight. Also trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. It seems like every day there are new health discoveries about eating a proper diet and how diet is so related to chronic diseases. That in itself is a good reason to eat better.
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Default 52 and finding it tough to lose

I've lost 13 lbs, but it was the toughest weight loss I'd ever had to endure. It has made me aware that I just can't let myself go. I have to be very careful to maintain and not regain the weight. I'm upset that I can't just eat whatever I like, when I was younger and more active I could literally eat to my hearts content. I'm eating 1500 calories and probably maintain at 1800 calories. Even 1800 is not really that much. It even gets worse as we age further.
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Oh, Dorie, you are SO not alone!!!!! I've just fallen over the sixty mark (Omigawd! How did THAT happen??? ) and have fond memories, too, of dropping ten pounds in a week when I was younger. Nowadays, a few OUNCES a week is progress. If you check out the Golden Girls thread, though, you'll find plenty of us who are all in the same boat (and ready to throw our scales out the window!). We give each other a lot of support, and get a lot in return. You'd be very welcome to join us if you'd like.
I guess when losing weight is tough to begin with, it just helps to not be alone trying to do it. That's what has really made a difference for me, anyway.
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Hey Dorie!

Isn't it good to find yourself in such good company?

Like all of the other ladies I used to think it was not that tough to drop five or ten pounds with MUCH LESS EFFORT but with each decade, this adventure gets so much more interesting. Now the effort is pretty much herculean for me & I'm fast becoming a mathematician to keep up with a strict calorie count to see if I can budge a pound or so every week.

Like everyone else, I abhor the scales. For years I refused to even get on them but would go by whatever size I was.... imagine the depression when I got back on the Truth Monster only to find out that heck no I wasn't that slim little thing I thought I was. Reality hurts! Still refuse to get on it more than weekly & that's only because I'm involved in a couple of online weight loss challenges on another site. I still have too much ego to let someone else see me drop the challenge & quit.

How to get through the discouragement? Hey you've lost three pounds! Keep it up and it will be four, then five...... it all makes a wonderful difference in how you feel. Whats even more important to me is to be beautiful right where I am, lots of positive self talk. If I like myself I'm more likely to treat myself right and take the time to go for that walk or steam those veggies.

Hang in there, you're in fabulous company!

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I used to go on a very strict 1000 cal diet where I would loose a bunch the first two weeks and then 2 lbs a week until I was "done". As long as I stuck to the diet ( I was ruthless!) I lost.

This time, I am aiming towards changing my eating habits. I felt that I just didn't have the mental energy to do the 1000 cal thing. So far, it has gone very well. I am not loosing all that fast, but I am eating lots of healthy food, not feeling deprived and I continue to lose weight, even after a couple of vacations which included eating what everyone else ate.

It seems to me that I am not having any more difficulty than I ever did - since I am eating a lot more, the weight isn't coming off as fast, but it is coming off. I feel very fortunate.
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