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Good morning, It sounds like we are not only one with storms going on.One thing about Florida is either we get no rain or too much rain. It is suppose to rain all week. usually sun comes up for short time but it was sure wet yesterday,And dreary looking this morning. Tonight is weigh in and I have no idea where scale will be. It has been all over the place. I have been in a not good mood lately. I have given up potatos,bread,pasta and sweets and exercise everyday and scale just laughs at me this week. Oh well
I bought some of the philly popsticks someone suggested .I didn't like them at first but they grow on you. Public grocery store carries them.
Can't get in pool today so will dig out my Richard Simmons sitting tape which is good.Have a great day.
I tried to imagine myself watering my plants in undies. Not a pretty picture
PS Ruth I loved your story of standing in rain in birthday suit.Good for you.

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