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I may not be around much tomorrow because i have a doctors appointment to see what the problem is this time with my neck. So, anyone interested in a story about my mother? Hope so because here goes.

It was the second night that Jamie, MIL, mother and myself had been around each other 24 hours a day and i guess the thrill of the adventure was beginning to wear thin. We were staying in a Howard Johnson motel so the room was nice, but the windows did not open and the air conditioning had to be left on all the time. I had fell asleep on one of the beds while my three roommates were still up and getting ready for bed. I can sleep through anything if I'm tired enough so any noise they made was not a problem for me. I don't know how long i had been asleep, but when i woke up i was covered in sweat and realized that there was no hum of the air conditioning, so i got up to check on it. It had been turned off and the room was getting very stuffy, so i turned it on but set it on low just in case someone was cold. A few minutes later after i got back in bed, the hum stopped again. My eyes pop open to see my mother getting back into bed after turning it off. In the morning i asked Jamie and MIL if they were hot or was it just me? Both of them said they had trouble sleeping because the room was so stuffy. I know this is just one little thing and to you i probably sound petty and childish, but I've lived with stuff like this my whole childhood and the message she keeps sending me is, "What you feel, want or need is not important to me. The next night i told her to get another blanket for her side of the bed if she was cold because the rest of us were hot.

Have to get a shower and clothes ready for tomorrow so will say so long for now.
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